About me

First of all thank you so much for visiting here. 
I hope you enjoy ur time at Sharmis Passions!

I am Sharmilee Jayaprakash , I live in Coimbatore with my family. I worked full time , tried to squeeze in time for family, friends and my passion. I resigned my job in Jan 2012 to take care of my kid and to run behind my passions :)

I luv working with colors especially on the web and thats why I attempt to keep this space and pics colorful. I cannot imagine a world with just black and white and thats the main reason I chose my career too which revolves around the web.

I've become passionate about cooking through the days and now love to experiment different cuisines though my orgin is south side cuisines. Being a food blogger I dont admit myself as an expert in cooking, to me the taste and perfection comes by practise , so take my words and keep cooking.

Its been more than 2 yrs since I started baking and I just love the feel of baking.I am greatly interested in food photography and this space has become a platform for all my learnings both for cooking and photography.

Its only me as a author for this space but the credit for the successful running of this website should go to my mother and hubby......And to my lil one who is the sole reason for this blog as I seriously started looking out for new and healthy recipes only after her birth. And to all you readers and friends who give me constructive feedback which motivates me to do more. 

Other than cooking, I spend time either with my daughter else with my camera :) I rarely watch TV but the only show that gets me hooked on is Airtel super singer series. I can watch the live show, retelecast and even the recorded program at a  full stretch - yes kind of addicted to it esp the kids series.

I also started a Photo blog this year 2012 with project 365 : http://sharmiclicks.blogspot.in.

Camera I use and Editing Tools:
I used a simple point and shoot camera - Its Olympus Fe280. From Jan 2011, I am using a Nikon D3100 DSLR.I use Photoshop CS3 for editing the pics. And from Feb 2012, 35mm prime lens had added on to my gears. 

There is lot of work put in right from cooking, arranging, composing a shot and finally editing before I present it here. So I request you to give credit where due and when you want to use the pics and recipes.Hope you would understand!

Contact Me:
Have any queries or suggestions......feel free to write to me at sharmispassions@gmail.com. Would love to hear from you!