Nokia 6610i Review and my bonding with it.... :o)

Looks like there are more of cooking post in 'my passions'......when friends who knw me well, check out this space they wud be surely puzzled (not only them me too) about the many posts by me tat too in cooking. I decided myself to write a post on mobiles....Hmm what shall I write??!! The first thing that my eye catches when I ask this question is my Nokia 6610i in my hand and so here u go with it...

With mobile craze increasing day by day and with all the offers we are seeing we get easily carried away. This is my mobile experience with my 2nd mobile buy(1st mobile was given for xchange while getting this one) . My first mobile was Nokia 3310(BnW screen),...It was the time mobile phones were getting popular and amma got it for me during my project time when I was in Chennai......first time I was in hostel far away from her......but ofcourse only physically..! It was all fun to own a first mobile........the ringtones, sms(how can I forget it ;), pic msgs and the tones that we composed even A.R.Rehman wouldnt have been so much excited after his hit composition but we did! Then came the entry of new sleek flashy mobiles with Camera, Polyphonic ringtones, color screen.....And I was also tempted to hve one n selected a model too tat was Nokia 6610i.......But was thinking too hard as it was 8K, I went to the shops many times but returned back in a 2nd thought...New things always had a craze and I was also no exception for it...At tat time a mobile for tat cost wasnt affordable by amma but still she didnt say NO as usual.....Finally got a N6610i for a exchange price of 7K. Will u believe?!! I didnt sleep the whole night....I was with the mobile as if it was the last day with it.....I luved it so much....did this and that in the name of exploring ;) even got a datacable for it.....I was sticking to it all the time.
The panel in the pic is not orginal...the orginal came with blue / silver.

I was packing home from office n it was already late 8PM (ha late at work in my language) Hubby came to pick me up......We were nearing our house and only then I realised my mobile was not with me I was panic.....coudnt speak a word except said him to drive back office. He said y do u get tensed for such silly things after all its a mobile......But to me it wasnt just a phone...but the meaning of that....nothing can replace it! Rushed towards my mobile wasnt there....I was totally shattered...what the hell of carelessness I said myself. Suddenly I remembered that I went to my friends place before leaving....And finally yes found my mobile there!! I took a deepbreath.....only after that! Things do have meaning for certain things are not just products.....Though I have afforded to have much more costlier mobiles now, I cant consider my N6610i as any other phone. Inspite of it having some minor defects(charging pblms n voice clarity pblms).........the bond that it has with me still says U r my BEST and u'l always stay soo!

And now for the review and specifications : Check out GSMArena for any mobile reviews and user opinions . For the specifications of N6610i :
Looks - Lookswise the Nokia 6610i is cool and ofcourse very much handy

Usage - Being a Nokia mobile phone, the Nokia 6610i is a easy to use mobile phone and the 4-way navigation key makes it easier. Also, the keypad is just right and they are well spaced out leaving very little scope to press the keys wrongly. The keypads are soo soft to be pressed.

Sound quality - The ear volume is less when to compared to other it is too low when used in traffic and other public places.

Ringtones - The Nokia 6610i, provides 8-chord polyphonic ringing tones. Also, some polyphonic ringtones are In-built as well provided by Nokia.

FM Radio - The Nokia 6610i, provides a FM Radio as well. Most of the stations can be tuned(which I dont get tuned in even in my trascend MP3 player)and the FM Radio signals come very clearly even when they are unclear in traditional radio sets n also MP3 players.. However, the FM Radio, cannot be listened simultaneously by both Headset and Loudspeaker.

Camera - As far as I remember The Nokia 6610i, is one of the 1st camera mobile phones created by Nokia. Being a entry-level camera phone, the picture quality of the Nokia 6610i is not too clear, but still the photos are viewable and the quality of the camera is average. But still one will surely get disappointed when got this mobile for camera .

Battery Life -The Battery life of the Nokia 6610i is good and on recharging to full battery, it works for almost 2-3 days if it is not used too much.

Tats all for now folks! Though this mobile was out of production soon after I got it....I just wanted to leave a note that there existed a mobile model like this in the instant changing mushroom business I mean the mobile world ;)