Photography - The Essentials

What to photograph?? Scratching ur head of what to click?! Are you out of ideas....? There is nothing specific in the photograph world as a rule to be clicked. Break the rules!! ;)) Click this and that to explore more and you may not even know....and as a result .you might have clicked some exclamatory pictures.
Tats how I click :

The essentials :

More About Light: To take a great picture you need more than just the light from your camera's flash. It took several months to know that light plays a vital role in photography.To get it, go outside in the daytime. Sunny, cloudy, it doesn't matter. Indoor light is often insufficientfor good photography, so do yourself a huge favor and step outdoors. In my case our house is little darkened even in the daytime so I have to run to balcony each time when I make a dish. Click a picture with flash and the same picture with natural source of light - You will surely see the difference!

Composing And Clicking: Frame your shot , press the shutter halfway when a green lamp(in mine) is shown and then click it. Now you are a way closer to click wonderful pictures!
Tip: If possible take your picture in the early morning or the late afternoons. The light at these times makes for the best photography.I know we cant step out in places like Chennai where heat is scorching.

Conclusion: Now that you've done all the preparations, next is click several shots! Nobody is perfect, most of all have turned to professionals having been a amateur one day. Make sure you take more than 3-4 pictures in the same postures as a beginner to photography. But then if its a macro not a problem but living objects u need to get hold of them to stand and give the same pose for more pictures, thats the trick you should find out ;) Try clicking kids tats the most hardest I feel.....they dont stand still for a moment and tats a more challenging work! Happy Clicking! :)