Sweet Tangy Bhindi Masala Recipe

Sweet Tangy Bhindi Masala
This is my first post on cooking......I cannot say I am very fond of cooking the regular menu...just try out some new receipes which come my way...but ofcourse know to cook the basic south indian meal with sambar, rasam, poriyal and varuval. And give a attendance to the kitchen now and then like when I see some tempting receipes. This is one such recipe that I found in Red chillies. I followed exactly the same method, quantity and ingredients as I didnt want to take risk atleast for the first few experiments...;) It had a sweet tangy taste but I reduced the jaggery....that can be added/reduced as per ones taste as some like the sweet taste and few others wudnt like a gravy to be sweet. Otherwise it was a apt combo with rice/chapathis.

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