Carrot Milkshake (Carrot Milk)

Had a 3 days weekend.......I saw couple of movies : Mariyathai and Yaradi Nee Mohini(3rd time ofcourse:)) Mariyathai was a typical Vikraman movie....I wonder each time watching his movies.....How could all characters in his movie alone be sooo gud and kind hearted!? The movie was ok type only but guess this is far better than the violent and action movies coming up these days which is not my kind at all and tats the reason I dont want to watch Ayan! Yaradi Nee mohini was screened in SunTv on Friday for May day.....though the story line is not of logic I still luv the movie for its humour sense and songs! And wat else.....I am waiting for IPL to get over......everywhere this mania strikes, hubby is totally into it and sticks to the channel everytime.
Carrot Milkshake

Now coming to the carrot milkshake....Again the laziness in me has popped up, so I didnt enter kitchen for a week or so.....inspite of long weekends and holidays......:( Cudnt stand in the kitchen for more than 10mins its sooo hotttttt....wish I had an A/C there too :) And this one is right from the drafts which I made long back! Carrot milkshake is very creamy and tasty which can be done in a jiffy, here goes the recipe:

Carrot Milkshake - Ingredients
  • Fresh carrots - 1
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Badams - 4
  • Sugar - 2 tsp as required

Carrot Milkshake

1. Saute the carrot for 5mins until raw smell goes.
2. Blend milk, sauted carrot, sugar, badams in a mixer well until creamy and thick
3. Refrigerate for 30mins and serve chilled!

And this goes to
Mahimas 15minute cooking and
Sangis Fall In Love with Carrots for Season 2

Carrot Milkshake

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