Rava Onion Oothapam & Tomato Chutney

Happy Mothers day to all mothers out there! And I dedicate this post to my mother who had been my all time support so far and yrs to come! Yesterday I made onion rava oothapam and tomato chutney. Both went great together....and here goes the recipe:

Rava Onion Oothapam & Tomato Chutney
Rava Onion Oothapam & Tomato Chutney
  1. Combine all the above together in a large bowl.Add enough water to make the batter, It should be dosa batter consistency but a lil thicker than that.

  2. Spread it into oothapams onto a hot pan, pour little oil along sides.

  3. Turn it once it becomes light brown on the ends. Cook both the sides and serve hot. It was crispy at the edges and crunchy inside.

NOTE : We can also have half of onions mixed up in the batter and half of it sprinkled while oothapams are made.

For Tomato Chutney, I followed exactly Priyas recipe. It can go very well with idlis and dosas.

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