Another year has passed us........!

Another year passed......!! 2009 has been a happening year for me.......One of the most memorable enjoyable moment was when me and mittu saw each other......she was a dream come true! She was born on June 19th Friday, it fortunately happened to be my appas bday......Isnt that a true blessing!? After that it has been a total enjoyable roller coaster ride for me .

Next is my blogs addi(c)tion........I started this blog in Feb 2009 and its not even a year still I am very close to it. Only after the birth of the kiddo I started taking this blog even more serious and worked on it inspite of all the sleepless nights and tight was challenging actually ;) Now I am soo so addicted that I cant stay away from it even for a day. I thoroughlly enjoy clicking the colors of food......Here are some of my fav clicks:
Corn in Onion sauce

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year!