Nutty Marie Biscuit Dessert - The quickest one!

I tried Nags Mom's delight yesterday with my so called oven and to my surprise it came out perfect, who cares about the look when it tastes yum yum :)
Nutty Marie Biscuit Dessert
Powdered Marie Biscuits - from 5 biscuits
Sweetened Condensed Milk / I used thickened milk- 4 tbsp
Coco powder - 2 tbsp
Chopped Cashewnuts - 5
Butter - 1 tsp just to grease

Nutty Marie Biscuit Dessert
1. Grease the container with butter.

2. Layer the powdered marie biscuits into the container and press it till it is even. It will be 1 inch in thickness if you are using 5 biscuits.

3.Pour the condensed milk covering the powdered biscuits. I didnt have condensed milk and that didnt stop me from trying what I did was I thickened the milk with 1tsp of sugar added and used it, no compromise in taste.

4.Next layer is the coco powder. Sprinkle it until the condensed milk layer is totally covered. Then lay the chopped cashewnuts on the top of the coco powder layer.

5.Bake it for 10mins at 180deg C. It came out just fine in my oven am sure it would come out well in any oven ;) Cool it and serve.

Nutty Marie Biscuit Dessert
I refrigerated it for 10mins as I like it chilled. Now what are you waiting for, just scoop out and enjoy......Isnt that a quick dessert?!

And I am sending this to In love with Delectable Desserts Pastries and Ice Creams and Sudeshna’s Cook like a bong

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