Poha Peanut Fudge / Aval Kadala Burfi

Again a recipe from our cook at office, where he served this as a evening snack a few weeks back....it was soo tasty that I wanted another plate ;) But the variation I made was to use poha instead of steamed rice flour as the lazy me found poha instant still not much difference in taste.
Poha Peanut fudge

Method :
  1. Soak poha in water for 5mins, drain water and keep poha aside.

  2. Dry roast peanuts in a tawa until they turn light brown. Peel of skin and blend it with poha to a coarse mixture resembling breadcrumb texture. Add jaggery, coconut,elachi powder and grind it once again just to combine everything. NOTE: Add jaggery water little by little to avoid the dough to become watery.

  3. Make them into small balls or any of your preferred shape. Add ghee for shaping them to avoid stickiness.
Poha Peanut fudge
Its easy and a tasty snack!!!
And I am sending this to Divyas Healthy Sunday snacks

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