Chewy Dates and Biscuit Bars

I happened to try these tasty and simple bars long back.This has been in my drafts for so long....and finally posting it for one of my readers who mailed me asking for what is the third pic in my banner......:) So here it is for u.....These set of pics are again one of my pers favs :)
Dates Biscuit Bars
The below measurement yieded me about 8 small squares.
NOTE : I didnt piece the biscuits, as I was doubtful whether it wud be difficult to combine so I made a coarse powder out of it. Here goes the recipe with my minor modifications:


  • Dates - roundly 10-12 chopped into small pieces.
    I blended them , chopping is fine too

  • Elachi powdered - 1/2 tsp [optional]
  • Marie Biscuits - 4 coarsely powdered
  • Ghee - 1 tsp + a little for greasing
  • Polythene sheet [I used milk cover]
Dates Biscuit Bars
  1. Heat 1tsp of ghee in a pan and add the blended dates. Stir it continuosly, try to do this in low flame. After abt 2-3 mins the dates would have become soft and it will look stickier.

  2. Switch off at this stage, stir in the powdered biscuits, powdered elachi and mix well till all is combined well.

  3. Spread the polythene sheet on a plate and add a few drops of ghee on it to grease.

  4. Transfer the mixture to one half of the sheet, fold the other half and press to flatten them. Refrigerate it for an hr to set and for the bars to be firm.

  5. After an hr the bars would be perfect to be cut, now cut them with a sharp knife into small squares or ur desired shape.
These are quick bars which were chewy and tasty........Am sure kids wud luv it...cant stop with one bite!

Store them in air tight container, this keeps well for 2 days. Am not sure whether this wud last even longer, I cud test it only for 2 days by the time it got over :)

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