Apple Chocolate Smoothie

Whenever I visit Pazhamudir I used to read all the new combos of juices/smoothies on the menu board. Only reading dont have the guts to try it out.......;) One such try was this....and it was very tasty. Apple and chocolate will the combo go wrong?! Definitely no!!

I am not a fruits person.........but still knowing the goodness and health benefits of fruits I try to add it in my menu in the form of juices /smoothies. On the flip side, my little one loves apples.......I remember the incident when in a railway station she started crying seeing the apples in a petty shop.......we couldnt buy it as the apples were in the stage of rotting and flies were over it. It really was tough to make the 8 month old understand the reason for not getting her what she wanted :)
Apple Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients: (For 2 cups)
  1. Blend the apple, sugar, milk,coco powder and choco chips ina mixer or blender well till its frothy.

  2. Pour it a glass, top it with few choc chips and serve chilled!

Apple Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

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