Karuveppilai Podi Recipe / Curry Leaves Powder Recipe

Karuveppilai Podi / Curry Leaves Powder - The only way I can have curry leaves is this powder. I've rarely seen people eating curry leaves as such when used in gravies/poriyals and am one of the kind. I know its always been cornered....But knowing the goodness of it, I wanted to make this podi so that we can have it as a accompaniment for rice or even idlis and dosas.
Curry Leaves Powder Recipe
Curry Leaves Powder Recipe
1.Wash the curry leaves and allow them to dry in shade.Dry them until there is no moisture.Heat a tsp of oil in a pan, add curry leaves and fry them on medium heat. Keep tossing them around taking care not to burn them. The curry leaves should turn crispy.At this stage transfer to a seperate bowl and keep aside.
Curry Leaves Powder Recipe
2.Now heat the remaining oil, add chana dhal, urad dhal and hing, fry them on medium heat till they are browned. Remove from pan and keep aside.Fry red chillies till crisp.Switch off and allow them to cool.First grind red chillies along with the dals and salt to a coarse powderCurry Leaves Powder Recipe
3.Then add curry leaves and grind it along to a fine/coarse powder as per your preference. Cool down then store in airtight container.Curry Leaves Powder Recipe
I luv it with rice and oil.Occasionally I have it with idlies too :) Try this aromatic and flavourful curry leaves powder.Curry Leaves Powder Recipe
Uses of Curry leaves are recognised in all kinds of medical treatments and cooking methods as well. Here are only a few listed down: [Source : Google]

Curry Leaves Powder Recipe
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