Chikki (Peanut Burfi) / Kadala Mittai

I think most of us must have tasted chikki/peanut burfi. It is one of my favourites, but never knew this could be so easy to make with only 2 main ingredients.
Peanut Burfi(Chikki) Recipe
I was not aware that caramelising sugar is as simple as just melting the sugar in a dry pan until nithi cleared me :)

Recipe Reference : 4th sense cooking
  • Peanuts - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 3/4 cup (Orginal called for 1 cup, but 3/4 cup was sufficient for me)
  1. Dry roast the peanuts until crsipy and when the skin starts coming out. Take out the skin of the peanuts and powder them until fine. Grease a pan with butter/ghee and keep it ready.

  2. Take a dry pan and add sugar in it. Heat it till the sugar melts completely(Do not add water). Simmer, add the peanut powder and mix well until no lumps are formed. Swich off.

  3. Immediately transfer it to the greased plate and flatten them using chapathi roller. Then draw line with butter/ghee greased knife immediately. Be very quick in doing this step else the chikkis will harden and the lines cant be drawn.

  4. Allow it to cool down for 10mins and break the chikkis along the drawn lines.Chikkis are ready!

Peanut Burfi(Chikki) Recipe
My Notes:
  • The only and main important thing to note down is you have to be very quick after the peanut powder is added. You cannot mark lines when the burfi is cooled so draw lines immediately.

  • These are slightly sticky by texture and crispy like the store bought ones.
Isnt that super fast and easy?! I bet kids will luv it! The only time consuming part is peeling the skinof peanuts. You can get readymade roasted skin peeled peanuts which makes it all the more easy.

Peanut Burfi(Chikki) Recipe

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