Black Forest Trifle for a celebration

Black Forest Trifle Recipe
Yayyy!! Another year and Sharmis Passions turns 2!!
Sharmis Passions is celebrating its 2nd birthday and I thank all my readers and blogger friends for such an enormous support, encouragement and wishes in the form of mails and comments and making this happen.

Sharmis Passions is more than just a cooking site to me these days.It has been a solace, a shoulder to lean on at times of grief, my companion when I am elated and what not?! Sometimes when I feel dull all that I want to do is log into blogger, edit and publish a post from my drafts which instantly cheers me up. Truely this has happened many a times, it has lifted my spirits high.The first thing in the morning(even before brushing;)) I check my dashboard , and each comment I moderate brings a level of warm comfort to me.

So here is a virtual treat of Black Forest Trifle to you all for my bloggie babies birthday. And a slightly new look for the site as I intend to stick to the same template after almost trying out 6-7 templates..yes sometimes I'm unable to accept change though I try to :)

Black Forest Trifle Recipe
I wanted to try this black forest trifle when I saw in Pavis space, I did and was really happy with the results. Once I served it for my guests too, and was really happy to receive their appreciations.

Black Forest Trifle - It has all the ingredients a black forest cake should I mention about the taste?! A bite of layered chocolaty cake along with a layer of fluffy fresh cream, then chocolate sauce and choco chips and cherries!!! Truely a treat to all chocolate lovers I will say!

Serves 2 small sized glasses (smaller one than in the pic)
  • Chocolate cake - 1 big piece [I used homemade moist chocolate cake]
  • Cherries - 4 chopped finely and 2 for garnishing
  • Cream - 2.5 tbsp
  • Milk - 1.5 tbsp
  • Choco chips - 1tbsp
  • Chocolate sauce/Chocolate melted - 1 tbsp
  • Hide and seek biscuits - 2
  1. Crumble the cake, powder the biscuits coarsely and keep aside.

  2. First take a glass and layer the crumbled cake at the bottom. Next spoon fresh cream and add it, add a little milk on top of it.

  3. Next spoon out cherries and spread out the cherries as the next layer.Spread out a thin layer of powdered biscuits, then add choco chips and chocolate sauce.

  4. Repeat this process till the top of the glass is reached, then top with a cherry and sprinkle powdered biscuits.

  5. Refrigerate it for an hr or 2 to impress your guests with this simple, rich and delicious dessert. :) Serve chilled!

Black Forest Trifle Recipe
My Notes:
  • There is no certain restriction on arranging the layers, so do it as per your liking.

  • While serving I made layers in 2 small glasses. When you are serving it after dinner then shorter glass would do as this may be heavy if served in a big glass after dinner or lunch. If at all you are planning it as a after snack dessert then plan a taller glass as in the below pic.

  • Be creative and use variations of layering as per your liking and enjoy it.
Black Forest Trifle Recipe

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