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Green tea was first introduced to me by my project manager in the company I worked previously. She insisted to have it atleast twice a day and she did it too. The first look of it didnt impress me but later once when I was browsing and knowing the health benefits of it, I wanted to give a try and got Tetley brand from Nilgiris and now started making it regular.

It is slightly bitter but if bitterness is healthy and it can do good to our heart, can we not make a practise of taking green tea atleast twice a week..?! I do, atleast try to....! :)

Puliyogare Recipe

  • Green tea powder -1.5 tsp
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Honey/Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Elachi powder - a pinch [optional] - I add it occasionally
  1. Boil water in a tea pot or pan. Once it starts boiling switch off and add the green tea powder.
  2. Allow it to get soaked for 3-4 mins. By now the color would be brown.
  3. Now strain the tea powder and add sugar/honey . Add a pinch of cardomom powder and enjoy your cup of green tea.

I can never forget the incident when I first tried green tea. I was over excited after reading all the benefits from google, that I went straight to the kitchen and prepared green tea with milk not knowing that it should be prepared with water ;) Then googled how to make green tea reducing the bitterness and now everytime it comes out good.

Green Tea Recipe
Green Tea Benefits & Goodness:
  • Green tea has also been effective in lowering cholesterol levels
  • New evidence is emerging that green tea can even help dieters.
  • With green tea, you get two in one. Its fat burning property helps you to burn fat and also to exercise longer - at the same time.
  • Green tea anti-cancer prowess extends beyond its antioxidant activities.
  • Green tea is anti-diabetic. Green tea helps to fight against heart diseases and is good for heat too.
My Notes:
  • If you put the tea powder in boiling water as we do for normal tea, then it would become bitter. So add the tea powder once the water boils and switch off.
  • There are many flavours available in super markets, so choose ur pick and enjoy.
  • But believe me when made in the right way, bitterness can be avoided.
Green Tea Recipe

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