Eggless Vanilla Pudding Recipe | Easy custard pudding

This post is specially dedicated to hubby not only that he likes this pudding. But for all those pains he took to get me these coloured ramkeins. When nithi told me about these cute colored ramkeins she got, I was way too tempted when I saw them in her space. We searched many shops in CBE, spent around 3 hrs of searching only to reach home with disappointment. When hubby went to Chennai on a days trip, he found 2 colors that I have used in these pics and the next time found 3 other colors too... Yayy I was so happy.Now u know the reason why I use those ramkeins often?! :)

Check out nithis beautiful version of vanilla caramel pudding with eggs
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Eggless Vanilla Pudding Recipe

Hubby is not a regular reader of sharmispassions and am not even sure whether he will read this post but I never forget to force him to see my clicks and read the comments I receive... ;) But I should say he is my best critic and a great supporter for this space.He is mittus caretaker most of the times when I am busy clicking pics even when the photoshoot takes upto an hr attimes.

I hate shopping alone even when it comes to food props so all my shopping is accompanied by him. Now he even suggests better props than me :) Aah I have spoken so much now let me stop and get onto the recipe :O

Eggless Vanilla Pudding Recipe
Eggless Vanilla Pudding Recipe:
Recipe Source : JellyBelly
Makes 3 small ramkein cups
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 1/4 cup
  • Custard powder(Vanilla flavored) - 1.5 tbsp
  • Butter - 1/2 tbsp

Eggless Vanilla Pudding Recipe
1. In a bowl mix sugar, custard powder and little cold milk(say 2 tbsp). Mix well until sugar dissolves completely and it forms a thick paste without any lumps. Keep aside.

2. Heat the milk in a nonstick pan in medium flame until bubbles form at the sides. Now add the custard powder sugar paste to the milk and start stirring.

3. After the mixture is added, keep in low flame and keep stirring, take care to avoid lumps forming. Add butter and keep stirring until the mixture is thick enough, if you scrap with a spoon it should be come easily without sticking.

4. At this stage switch off and pour in serving bowls. Allow it to cool for 15mins then refrigerate it for atleast 30mins to an hr for the pudding to set well.

5. Serve chilled in the serving bowls or scrap the ends slightly with a knife and invert the bowls to get a well set pudding. Garnish with chopped nuts, I garnished with some leftover butterscotch chips :)

Eggless Vanilla Pudding Recipe

My Notes:
  • If you dont have custard powder substitute with 1.5 tbsp cornflour and 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • I used my coloured set of ramkeins as serving bowls. You can use any small bowl so that while inverting its easier.
  • You can use the same ingredients with coco powder and chocolate scrappings to make a delicious eggless chocolate pudding. Garnish with choco chips or some grated chocolate.
  • Its easy with less ingredients and the ingredients are easy to get in our pantries.
  • The consistency is very important for the pudding to set well. It shouldnt be runny when you pour with a spoon it should be thick enough.
  • Getting the right consistency without the lumps formed is the trick here.But believe me, if I get it right for the first time then anyone can sure get it right :) So trust me and go ahead!
Eggless Vanilla Pudding Recipe
I was really not sure whether the pudding will set well enough to tilt so I took all the pics even before inverting. Finally inverted and was awed to see the pudding set so well with these easy ingredients. Then I cudnt resist myself from clicking those as well :)

It was creamy yummy with a apt pudding consistency. You can use this recipe as a base and come out with many flavoured pudding ideas as I am doing now.

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