Apple Tea

Hubby is a complete tea person so its always a yes when any drink has tea in it. This was the main fact that made me try lemon tea and now this apple tea. To me tea or coffee I luv it only hot except for cold coffee :) But this sure was a welcoming change to the usual tea and its apt for summers. I luved the apple flavour the best in it!

Apple Tea Recipe

Apple Tea Recipe - Ingredients:
  • Apple - 1
  • Tea powder - 1 to 2 tsp(Adjust according to your strongness of the tea powder)
  • Honey - 2 tsp
  • Water - 1/2 cup
  • Cinnamon powder - 1/4 tsp (optional)
  • Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp(optional)
  • Ice cubes - 4 to 5 cubes

Apple Tea Recipe

  • Chop the apple pieces and add it to a pan with 1/4 cup cup of water. Allow it to boil until the apple turns soft.
  • Grind the apple with the boiled water until smooth and strain the apple juice with a muslin cloth. Keep aside. You can use readymade apple juice too.
  • Add tea powder, cinnamon powder, cardomom powder to the remaining 1/4 cup of water. Bring it to a boil in sim until the tea powder is fully absorbed. Now strain the decotion and allow it to cool.
  • Then add the apple juice to the strained decotion, add honey and icecubes and serve chilled.
Apple Tea Recipe

My Notes:
  • You can use readymade apple juice too. Or just grind the apples raw even without boiling them.
  • Adjust sweetness according to your taste, add a tsp of sugar if you prefer
  • The apple juice : tea powder ratio is totally upto your choice. You can even increase tea powder if you like the flavour. I liked mine a bit more of apple flavour so the above ratio was fine
  • Adding spices is purely optional too. You can skip it and make it simple apple tea.
Apple Tea Recipe

If you like tea am sure you will like this refreshing drink. The apple flavour compliements well with the tea flavour. I am sure this is a interesting and inviting alternate to the usual tea during summers. Try it for urself and see.

Apple Tea Recipe
Even those who dont like tea may like this because of the apple flavour in it. I am a tea person but a complete no no to chilled tea / coffee ( cold coffee is a exception though ;) but luved this drink because of the apple and tea combination going so well making it a tasty drink.

Apple Tea Recipe