How to make rice flour at home - Homemade Rice Flour

Making rice flour at home recipe
Homemade rice flour is very handy for making indian snacks and also for festive special recipes. So thought to have a record of the ingredients and method here.
Homemade Rice Flour
You can use the homemade rice flour for making :

Homemade Rice Flour

Processing Time : 3 hrs | Cooking Time : 15mins | Serves : 3
Recipe Category: Flour Variety | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Raw Rice - 2 cups


  1. First rinse the raw rice twice, and soak it in water for 1 hour. Drain water completely and then spread the raw rice in a soft towel and allow it to dry say for 30-45mins.It will be slightly moist only.Then transfer this to a mixer.How to make rice flour at home - Step1
  2. Grind it to a fine powder in a mixie in batches.Then sieve it. If you find small balls break and sieve it.How to make rice flour at home - Step2
  3. Sieve until you get rava like mixture.Add it to the next flour batch and grind it again. Dry roast the sieved flour until you see steam coming out of the flour.Cool down  by spreading in a newspaper.How to make rice flour at home - Step2
Cool down complately then store in airtight container.

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Homemade Rice Flour for Indian Snacks
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