Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Guest Post from Raks kitchen - I havent tasted chocolate truffles at all but somehow it has set in my mind that making truffle is tricky.On my usual chat session with Raks, I asked her to first try choco truffles so that I get confidence in trying it seeing her post. Then few days later I had the guest post in mind and asked her for it but demanded only choco truffles :) and she readily accepted it.

And yes as I expected she made the truffles and came up with awesome post last week. She has taken the extra strain of clicking the pics my way(vertical) and giving the post ready even before I asked. Thanks so much for all the pains you have taken for this post and the extra care just for my sake! I just loved the post and sure will remain in my personal favourites. Now over to Raji from Raks Kitchen
I am feeling so happy to do a guest post upon request from a dear friend :) When Sharmi asked me I dint had a second thought. I cannot tell no to a sweet friend like her…hehe . Thank you for asking me Sharmi,glad to do it for you. And coming to the recipe, I had never thought I would try chocolate truffles of my own, I had tasted only quite a few times. Though I am not a big fan of it, I do love it some times when craving for something chocolaty. Then, when I decided to try and saw the recipe, I was happy to see it easy… But then understood that it is bit tricky to do it just like how our sugar syrup consistency will sounds easy but its tricky. But I dared to try and wow it turned out great too! Its soft and creamy, just you can relish for a while if you take a bite :) I referred the recipe here.

Ingredients (for making 12-14 truffles)

Cooking chocolate(Semi sweet or Bitter sweet)113 gm
Heavy cream/whipping cream1/4 cup+ 2 tblsp
Coco powderAs needed for rolling
Icing sugar(optional)As needed for dusting


  1. Chop the chocolate roughly and place it in a food processor/blender and powder it coarsely. chocolate-truffle-step1
  2. Heat cream in a pan in medium flame with frequent stirring. Do not let it boil, just when it is about to boil, pour it to the powdered chocolate and keep closed for 4-5 minutes. Blend it again for 10 seconds and then again blend after wiping down the sides. Just blend for another 10 seconds. Make sure no chocolate bits are there. choco-truffle-step2
  3. Now this is called ganache and pour this to a flat and shallow container. Cover it closely with a cling wrap and refrigerate for 2 –3 hours. Scoop 1 tblsp of the set ganache and place it in butter paper. Roll each into balls with generous coco powder. choco-truffle-step3
  4. Arrange it neatly in paper liners and keep refrigerated.choco-truffle-step4

Enjoy the creamy soft homemade truffles! It just melts in your mouth!

  • Use icing sugar for rolling in place of coco powder,if you want it sweet.
  • You can use nuts, or any flavours in chocolate for variety of truffles.
  • If your cream is heated too much then if you add it to the chocolate, it will turn oily. If that happens, just add more cream and blend again. Just make sure the cream is not hot.
  • Before rolling the ganache in coco powder, it will be sticky. I used gloves while rolling.


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