Mango Frozen Yogurt (Fro Yo)

Ever since I started the blog, I wanted to give icecreams a try but was a bit scared of the outcome without a icecream maker. While I was googling I found the concept of froyos(frozen yogurt) sure an healthy alternate to icecreams and instantly wanted to try it. I didnt have a icecream scooper when I made this so that justifies the not so pretty looking scoops :O But still the recipe and pics are my personal favourite.

Mango Frozen Yogurt Recipe

I made this mango froyo during last mango season so its going to be almost a year I drafted this post :) I wish I had clicked stepwise but couldnt do it. And to justify, it doesnt have major steps just blend, freeze and again blend repeat the process....your froyo is ready.

Trust me the froyo was creamy and yummy which my toddler relished. You can try with any seasonal fruit and enjoy the healthy creamy low fat alternate to icecreams.

Mango Frozen Yogurt Recipe
Mango Frozen Yogurt - Ingredients
  • Hung Curd - 2 cups
  • Mangoes - 2 medium sized(roughly comes to 1 cup)
  • Powdered Sugar - 3/4 cup
  • Fresh lime juice- 1/4 tsp (optional)
  • Nuts - 2 tbsp chopped(just for garnish, I used pistachios)

Mango Frozen Yogurt Recipe
  1. Puree the mangoes, lime juice and 1/2 cup of yogurt in a blender.
  2. In a seperate bowl, whisk the remaining yogurt and sugar till sugar dissolves completely
  3. Combine the mango mixture with yogurt sugar mixture together and mix well.
  4. Cover and refrigerate for atleast 4 hours.Then take it and blend the mixture again until soft.Then refrigerate for 2 hours, then break the crystals and blend it again until soft. The more beating results in a smoothier and creamier froyo.
  5. Then freeze again for 30mins and repeat the process. Repeat a couple of times until the froyo becomes creamy and soft.For the last time alone, do not freeze it, just refrigerate it for best creamy results.Garnish with chopped nuts.
Mango Frozen Yogurt Recipe

I filled up the froyo in the icecube tray (with shapes) which is shown below. When taken from the fridge it looks frozen once it starts melting it is creamy.

Mango Frozen Yogurt Recipe
My Notes :
  • Hang the curd for atleast an hour untill all the excess water drops out. If your hung curd has water then the froyo when frozen it will have crystals and will not be creamy.
  • If you freeze, the froyo will set faster. You can also refrigerate its a bit slow process but still no harm in doing that way too.But for the last time setting alone dont put it in freezer just refrigerate it as this will yield creamier froyo.
  • Adjust sugar according to the sweetness of the mangoes.
  • You can even use strawberries or blueberries as an alternate.
  • Lemon juice is added to make it the curd more tangy, you can very well skip it too.
Mango Frozen Yogurt Recipe

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