My Oven Details with few baking tips - Baking Essentials Part 2

I have been getting regular mails from readers and friends asking about my oven and many baking related questions. I have put it all together here and if you have any more queries do mail me.Check out the baking essentials - part 1 for more details.

After a long time postponement finally here I am with the post - I had a chance to clean the oven atleast for this post sake ;)

My Oven Details:
Brand Name : Morphy Richards
Capacity - 14 liters
Oven Type - OTG (Oven Toaster Griller)
Purchased from : Girias, Chennai
Cost : 4000 Rs when I got it 3 yrs back

Morphy Richards OTG - My Oven
The very first thought of owning a oven was only after I started blogging. I should thank Lavi for helping me choose my kind of oven. Those were the days when I was not even aware that there are different types of oven. She told the pros and cons of both microwave and OTG and after a few googling I was in for OTG.

So what is a OTG(Oven, Toaster and Griller) - As the name suggests, its a oven made specifically for baking, toasting and grilling. You cannot cook in an OTG like as in microwave.There are 2 coils at the top and bottom which heats up according to the temperature , timing, ultimately getting the baking/grlling/toasting done. These heating elements (the coils) are prone to wear-and-tear. Should you find your OTG performing poorly, Partselect may be able to help. Otherwise, perhaps a replacing your OTG is best considering you can purchase them pretty inexpensively. 

As I have noticed through the years the baking is a bit slower than the microwave but the end result is just perfect. I havent used/own a microwave so I cannot do justice on comparing both the results.

Grlling veggies

Temperature, Modes and Timing:
Temperature : The temperature in my OTG ranges from 100 to 250 deg celsius.

Modes : There are 4 different types of modes toast/pizza,bake, broil(grill) and keep warm
  • Toast/ Pizza : I use this mode for all preheatings. Other than that I occassionally use it for my bread pizza
  • Bake : This is the mode I use for all bakings ie cakes, muffins,cupcakes and cookies
  • Broil/ Grill : I use the grill mode for mostly nonveg dishes, paneer tikka, kebabs etc. But we should be very careful with this mode as the heating is high, it burns up faster so keep an eye always.
  • Keep warm : Just keeps the baked/cooked items warm till served - I havent used it much.

Timing: The timing ranges from 0-60mins. If the orginal recipe(baked in a microwave) calls for say 45mins I first keep it for 45mins then check and extend my timing to another 5-10mins as I have noticed the baking is a bit slower in OTG when compared to microwave.

OTG Readings

There is no fancy or touch buttons, its just like a fan regulator. Once the baking/preheating is done the indication is a ding sound.

I have 3 racks in my oven and I use the middle rack for all my bakes. I change it only if mentioned otherwise.

Cake cooling in wirerack
How to Preheat an oven:
For cakes : Keep the wirerack in the oven start the oven in the specified temperature(just turn the temperature knob and set the timing for 10mins. - as its the default timing for preheating my oven for any kind of recipe(as mentioned in my manual).

For cookies, muffins and cupcakes : Preheat the oven empty without any trays and after the preheating keep your muffin pans or cookie trays

When to preheat :
Most of the recipe calls to preheat even before preparing the dough / batter but I find it too early as I am very slow in any making process ;) So I preheat only at the closure of the batter/dough making process. Also the results have a difference when the batter is let to sit for more time.


I got a collecting tray(silver color), cookie tray(black color), wirerack,4 skewers and handle with my OTG. Always use the gloves while opening, closing the OTG as its piping hot.

Oven Accessories
Baking Tips:

1. Take a butter paper, cut it to the pan/tin size and lay it. Grease it with little butter / oil then pour the batter over the butter paper. (or) Grease the pan with butter at the bottom through the sides. Then sprinkle little maida on it and tap it to spread it all over. Tap off the excess and then pour the batter - I use the second method as I find it easier and mess free.

2. Once the baking is done, do not turn over immediately. Give it atleast 10-15 mins resting time - Keep the tin on a wet cloth while resting. Then turn over on a plate and give a tap on all sides. The cake will unmould beautifully.

3.While inserting fork or toothpick try checking in the center if its cooked completely or not.If suppose even after the specified time, the center of the cake isnt cooked and is slightly sticky?! dont worry just cover the top of the cake with butter paper and bake it for 3-5 mins(adjust timing according to the consistency),it will be perfect. The butter paper covering will avoid more browning on top at the same time the center will be cooked perfectly.

4.As I always mention select a pan such that the batter is close to 3/4th of it or slightly above 1/2 of it.

5. Once the cake is unmoulded allow it rest in wirerack or a plate for atleast 30mins then cut to get neat cake pieces.

Thanks Raks for the beautiful baking accessories I so so love them . So no more complaining about cookie cutters and cupcake liners, now I have a bunch of them :)

Baking Accessories

The ramekins are useful for baking and best suited as food props too. I got 2 mugs for baking but havent used them yet. Planning to try a mug cake with it first :) Thanks to Nags for the white ramekins.

Ramekins & Baking Mugs

Disclamer : The products/brand mentioned here are not meant for advertisement. This is not a paid or any kind of promotion for any product or brand. This is the oven I use and have shared my experiences here to help my readers and friends.

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