Neeragaram (Pazhayathu) / Pazhaya Satham

I never had a thought of posting neeragaram here. The full credit for this post goes to my best friends hubby who suggested me to post this. I kept postponing it for the reason that I didnt have any mud pots. Last week I got them and went ahead making and clicking this.

Neer + Aagaram - Water based food. This is the diet in most of the south indian villagers and farmers house which keep them energized throughout the day and this keeps them cool as well as they have work in the scorching sun throughout the day. They purposely make more rice than needed so that they can use the leftover rice to make this for next day morning breakfast.

I should admit this is almost forgotten in the fast paced life where in readymade porridge's and cereals are used to our convenience.

Neeragaram Recipe
There were no grass in our apt surroundings, so went 2 streets ahead to click this with the grass. This is the first time I took all the materials outside to click and I thoroughly enjoyed the fun with 2-3 people staring at me ;)

The below capture was just for the nativity feel so asked the maid of our apartment to pose for this and she did it with so much of enthusiasm.

Pazhaya Satham Recipe
Neeragaram (Pazhayathu) Recipe - Ingredients
  • Left over Rice - 1 cup
  • Water - 1/4 cup
  • Buttermilk - 1/4 cup
  • Small Onion - 3 to 4 chopped roughly
  • Green Chillies - 1 chopped finely
  • Salt - to taste
Pazhaya Satham Recipe
1.Soak the leftover rice in immersing level of water overnight. Drain little water next day morning then add buttermilk / curd. Smash it well with a laddle.Add little more water to bring it to porridge consistency.
Pazhaya Satham Recipe - Step1
2.Add required salt, finely chopped onion and green chillies, mix well. Pour into mud pots and allow it to rest for a while. Serve it.
Pazhaya Satham Recipe - Step2
3.Pickle is the best combination for this else fish curry is an apt combo esp the one made the previous day :)
Neeragaram Recipe
My Notes:
  • Let over rice is best to be used for this neeragaram. If you are using fresh rice, give some 2-3hrs resting time then soak it.
  • Actually neeragaram is just water and rice but we can add buttermilk/curd to enhance the taste.
  • Mud pots are natural coolant so serving in it gives a cool feeling.
  • You can also add coriander, curry leaves to garnish and for extra flavour.
  • I removed the seeds almost fully in green chillies to avoid the spice level in it.
  • No need to refrigerate it.
Neeragaram Recipe
This is the best natural summer coolant for breakfast. The crunch in the onions and the hot spicy chillies makes it the best combination. This is mostly had for breakfast and it is very much filling that you will not feel hungry for the next 4-5 hours for sure.

So what are you still waiting for?! Dont throw the leftover rice and enjoy this cool neeragaram.
Neeragaram Recipe

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