Baking Class Experience - Yeasted Bakes

Last week when hubby was browsing through the newspaper he saw an ad about a baking class which was to be held at Agri university. He showed me the ad and I was really not interested as I had so many behind thoughts going how the class would be, will it be really useful. But he persuaded me to go with so many justifications so I agreed too :)

The class had a schedule of 9AM - 5PM for 2 days for which they collected 1000rs which includes a certification too. It was hands on training so each of us had chance to do almost everything ourselves like kneading the dough, preparing the batter, folding, cutting etc. Cant miss to mention the fun we had throughout the day.

When each of them had their own doubts and queries , my only plight and question before starting was " Can I click pictures?" haha :D The tutor herself was very friendly and we enjoyed the class thoroughlly...have to mention it was more of a practical session.
To me it was both baking and photography exercise :D Clicking amidst a crowd of 35 members in a place where the lighting was close to a cave - it wasnt easy at all but happy that I could manage atleast.

Bread Making
The first day of the class was fully yeasted bakes....Baking bread had always been my dream - and bread making was the first to be learnt in the class. Folding it, arranging in the bread loaf pan, waiting it to rise, finally baking and waiting to see the  golden color bread loaf...the wait was worth when we saw the mini bread loafs. Enjoyed every bit of the experience.

All the baked goodies were parcelled neatly at the end of the day and given to us. Can you see the cute mini bread loaf? They tasted soft and delicious too.
Fresh Bread
Next on our list was pizza. Making the dough looked to us like an art which the bakery master excelled. We tried to cope up with him as well and our pizzas were no less :) We had a chnace to knead the dough with hands so that we get to know the consistency as well as to do it the machine. 
Mini Pizza making
Then it was left to rise by the time we finished our lunch and came back. The class happened  in  the bakery unit and it was totally hot inside, we were almost baked along with the buns and pizzas haha :)
Mini Pizza

Rolling the buns weren't easy and sure it will come only by practise. But still we had a good learning experience rolling the dough.
Sweet Buns
Then came the doughnut making which next to bread was the most awaited among everyone. The fluffy buns with the chocolate sauce  yummm!
Donuts Making
The donuts were deep fried and we were amazed to see how they fluffed up. The class had no age restriction so had a a chance to meet so many people of varied likes and interests.

Donuts Making
Next came the fun part of rolling the dinner rolls. There were n number of shapes and knots thought, dono how far I will remember all those. They used egg wash for most of the bun varieties and when my friends asked for veg alternate they said to brush it with milk though it is not much recommended.
Dinner Rolls
There were even more small yeasted baked goodies which I cudnt click. The day ended up with my favourite coconut buns. As soon as I reached home the first goodie I tasted were these buns, they were very soft and the coconut filling was delicious that I cudnt stop myself with one.

At the end of the day we were all tired as standing the whole day inside the bakery unit wasnt that easy. But all our tiredness were wiped off seeing the parcelled baked goodies. 

Coconut Buns
We waved a quick bye and got ready to leave home. With the same excitement, returned back the next day for the cakes and cookies session. Stay tuned for the next post :)

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