Jenneys Club - Dynasty (Coimbatore) - Restaurant Review

Jenneys Club - Night View
We attended mittus best friends brothers 1st birthday party at Jenney's Club few months back . It was the first time I visited the place, so was awed at the ambience, loved the food too. It was a buffet dinner and I should admit that all the dishes were so yummy. Unfortunately hubby couldnt join us for the party so when I was telling about the place with 'woos and aahs'  he promised to take us there for a family dining . The above pic was the one I clicked when I attended the party and its one of my favs among the huge collection of pics I clicked for SharmiClicks.

To add on, only later realised that the wedding scene in Nanban was shot there so I was waiting for a chance to visit the place again.I always had the desire in me to do restaurant reviews especially for the photography that excited me more than to explore new places to dine in :) But one thing that always made me held back was making the family wait to dig in even when we are dining outside ;) I love doing restaurant reviews for the main reason that you dont need to cook but can click without worrying about the dish to perfect and food style it to look more professional :)

NOTE : This is an unpaid review and the review is based on the food I tasted when we lunched there and it totally depends on my taste and preferences. 

Jenneys Club - Dynasty Restaurant
I didnt ask any reviews from my friends, with the experience at the party we set out to the place for lunch on Independence day. We reached the place around 01:00PM, first when we enquired in the reception they said the restaurant inside the main entrance was only for members of the club and the one outside is for all. Hubby had second thoughts if we should opt there, but I was confident enough and also with the hunger in me for eating and ofcourse for clicking pics, I was not prepared to go all the way to another restaurant.

The ambience was decent enough though not very posh. The place was very calm and less crowded inspite of it being a holiday. Our order started with chicken 65 followed by Egg Biriyani,Rumali Roti, Kulcha and Paneer Pasanda.

Jenneys Club - Dynasty Restaurant Menu
We started with chicken 65, I couldnt take more than a piece, it had a different flavour of oil which was totally not suiting our taste. To me any deep fried item cant go wrong but still this totally disappointed us.

Chicken 65
Then came egg dum biriyani , the flavour was mild and the taste was ok too but was very oily. 

Egg Dum Biryani
I ordered Rumali roti  - It was soft and too good even the lil one had few bites of it. I cudnt complain anything about it.
Rumali Roti
Kulcha was at its best too, soft and flavourful with sesame seeds and coriander leaves.

When I went through the menu card for the side dish, I wanted to go in for Paneer Pasanda as I wanted to taste something different from the usual paneer dishes we order. The look of the gravy was very creamy but tastewise the cream was a overdose....but the best part of this was the paneer pieces had nuts and raisins stuffed into it - rich and yumm. I reminded myself to try this and post it here soon....yes thats a promise :)

Paneer Pasanda
The menu card had a long list in each category...if you name it they have it but not sure how far they taste good so we had a quick lunch and hurried home :)

Menu Card
Then finally for the desserts we didnt want to take risk anymore ;) Also the lil one had cold so we didnt go in for cold desserts. I ordered gulab jamun and it was...yummmm. It definitely made me long for more and compensated for the disappointment we had that day..:)

Gulab Jamun
We asked for plain fruits salad so it was served with no custard and icecream. Though it had only less variety of fruits, it was perfect to end the lunch.

I am sure to come back with more reviews of restaurants around the city. Coimbatorians if you have any suggestion for a restaurant, please leave  a comment.

Fruit Salad
Over all  I can conclude that  the food at the restaurant for the members and that is served for parties/ weddings at Jenneys is totally different from the food served at dynasty restaurant and cannot be compared at all. 

It costed us around 600 bucks for the lunch which is actually ok to go.

For a much popular club like Jenneys I feel the restaurant needs to consider to serve more tasty food. If you want to have a family time peacefully with a mild dining then the restaurant is for you but sure not the best for a complete foodie like me.But if you get a chance to visit the 'members only' restaurant am sure you will give a thumps up to it.

Jenneys Club - Day View
Jenneys Club - Day View

Overall my rating is : 

Food - 6/10
Ambience - 7/10
Service - 8/10