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I had already posted mothagam recipe with coconut filling earlier but wanted to try it with chana dal filling using the mould so last week made it and clicked to post it here for vinayagar chathurthi special.  Though making modaks using mould is time consuming, the end result looks pretty especially for the clicks :) Check out the savoury urad dhal kozhukattai here.
Mothagam Recipe
This is my fav anytime and as a kid I've enjoyed it as a teatime snack many times so try this for your kids am sure they will enjoy it too.
Modakam Recipe

Mothagam Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Makes : 10 modaks
Recipe Category: Snack | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

For the outer covering:

Rice Flour(Idiyappam flour) - 1 cup
Water - 1 and 1/4 cup(adjust as needed)
Oil - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste

For the pooranam:

Channa Dal - 3/4 cup
Coconut - 3 tbsp
Powdered Jaggery - 1 cup
Cardamom powder - a pinch


  1. Take jaggery in a sauce pan add water, mix well with a laddle for the jaggery to dissolve.
    How to make modakam - Step1
  2. Filter to remove impurities.Then pour it back to the pan and heat it up to thicken a bit.
    How to make modakam - Step2
  3. Pressure cook channa dal for 4 whistles and mash it with a laddle or masher.Then add this to jaggery syrup.
    How to make modakam - Step3
  4. Cook till it thickens.The more the water you add to jaggery it will take more time to get thicken, so be careful while adding water.
    How to modakam - Step4
  5. At one stage the mixture will become thick leaving the sides of the pan.
    How to make modakam - Step5
  6. This is the right stage, add cardamom powder,mix well and switch off.When it is still warm, roll them into small balls.Keep aside.
    How to make modakam - Step6
  7. Add salt to rice flour,Mix it once.Boil water until it bubbles up,switch off then add it to rice flour.
    How to make Peanut Kozhukattai Recipe - Step6
  8. Mix with a laddle,once it starts to come together,Set aside for few mins until it is warm enough to handle with hand.Now bring everything together to form a smooth dough without any cracks.
    How to make Peanut Kozhukattai Recipe - Step7
  9. Now the stuffing and the outer dough is ready.Take your mould, grease it with oil,grease your hands too.Now close the mould and take a dough shape it as a ball and stuff it from the bottom side.
    How to make modakam - Step8
  10. Nicely press it along the sides in the inner part,leaving a center hole for the stuffing.Now carefully insert the stuffing in the center hole,press it.Then seal it with little dough as shown.
    How to make modakam - Step9
  11. Then open carefully to take out the modaks. Grease the mould with oil when it starts sticking. Repeat the process till the entire dough finishes.
    How to make modakam - Step10
  12. If you don't have mould you can shape modaks like this(for detailed steps check below).Then arrange all the modaks it in idli / idiyapam steamer and steam it for 8-10 mins. When the outer layer turns shiny then your modaks are done.
    How to make modakam - Step11
Method to make mothagam without mould:
  1. Always make the poornam ready first then make the outer dough so that the outer dough doesnt get dried up. Once the pooranams are ready you can relax, watch ur favourite tv program and do the kozhukattai :) Grease ur hands with oil.Make lemon sized small balls with the prepared dough and flatten them as thin as possible like a small cup.Now keep the coconut pooranum stuffed ball and keep in middle of the cup as shown below.Pull around the edges and bring it to center over the top of the filling. Bring it together to form the modak shape.Now follow the procedure for the remaining dough too.
    How to make mothagam- Step4
  2. Arrange the modaks in a steaming plate and steam it for 10mins.After 10-12 mins check if the kozhukottais are done, the outer layer will be a bit shiny.Now carefully transfer them in a bowl and ur kozhukattais are ready!
    How to make mothagam - Step5
Modakam - Chana Dal Pooranam

Video showing how to shape modakam without mould

Check out thengai poorna kozhukattai recipe that I posted a year back.
There are varieties of filling ideas like :

Modakam Recipe

My Notes:

Sweet Kozhukattai Recipe

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