Food & Travel - Alleppey (Part 1)

Pineapple Juice fpr Breakfast
Trips are always a boosting factor to break our routine. I am just back from a short trip to Alleppey and Kumarakom. We stopped at Cochin too on our way back home. It was an exciting trip and the memories are still green in my mind....We had lots of food(sadly cudnt click all of them but managed with few) that I'm sure I must have added on few more kgs by the end of the trip :)

We started our trip early morning around 4AM and reached Alleppey around 10:30 AM taking an hour break for our breakfast. I dozzed off completely throughout the journey till we reached there and my camera was sleeping with me too :) We carried few list of hotels but to our luck found the first hotel itself satisfactory so checked in at Picasso Castle.

We were a bit tired so relaxed and had our lunch there with roti, kerala parotta, pb masala and fried rice. We didnt have any plans of moving out till evening as it was too hot....

Arthunkal Church (Front Entrance), Alappuzha
Arthunkal Church - Front View
When we planned for the trip to Alleppey, I put a word to hubby that I wanted to visit VTV(Vinnaithandi Varuvaya Church).....He enquired about the church in the reception and we set out at around 5 PM in search of the church....Only when we landed there people around told that the church came in the tamil movie named Sura...The church was beautiful so clicked few shots there too....(above and below 2 pics)

Arthunkal Church (Side View), Allapuzha
Arthunkal Church - Side View
I am really not sure whether this church comes in the movie but this is what they proudly said...:)

Arthunkal Church - Front View
And after that we went straight to the beach around 6:00 PM and when we reached there it was apt for sunset and the beach looked so scenic and magical that I didnt put my camera down. :)

It was not much crowded so we had a great time there, mittu enjoyed playing too. After that we roamed around the streets of Alleppey but didnt find anything woth then it was dinner time. We had a mild dinner and returned back to the room.
Allapuzha Beach
Alleppey Beach
We didnt opt for houseboat after seeing the lil one going cranky in an hrs boat ride :) So just roamed around and clicked few pics.

Next day morning again we went in search of the VTV church(but this time we had enough information from the net).....First they said it is advisable to opt for a boat ride to reach the place called pulincunnu where the church is situated. But the boat timing was such that we had to wait for another hour....and already mittu was going crazy so hubby suggested to go by road itself. The roads and bridges were very narrow...after about 45mins drive we reached the place.....And the church was wow esp for the pics :)

Pulincunnoo Church (Frontside Main View), Alappuzha
VTV Church (Pulincunnu Church)
 Pulincunnoo Church (Aside the church)
VTV Church (Pulincunnu Church)
Bridge View, Alappuzha
Alleppey Bridge
After that we reached the hotel, had our lunch and packed to checkout to leave to Kumarakom. We had a great time there especially at the resort.
Butter Roti with Mutter PaneerWait till next week to hear my experiences at Kumarakom and Cochin...Will you? :)