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Onion Uttapam
I often make this onion uthappam(oothappam) for mittus breakfast as she loves it. As idli podi is also her favourite I always add it to the onion uttapam.Tiffin sambar, coconut chutney and onion tomato chutney are the best combo for crispy dosas / uthappams.

Onion Uttapam Recipe
Make this soft uthappams and enjoy your breakfast!

Onion Uttapam Recipe

Onion Uttapam Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Main | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Dosa Batter - 1 cup
Big Onion - 2 (chopped finely) or Small onions(Shallots) - 6
Idli Podi (optional) - as required
Ghee / Oil - as needed


  1. Chop onions finely, if using small onion just slice each onion, keep your ingredients ready. Heat dosa pan and grease with oil / ghee. Pour a small laddle full of dosa batter, do not spread it. The uttapams should be thick. Add the chopped onions, drizzle idli podi. Drizzle oil and cook in low medium flame.Once the bottom starts browning at the edges(corners) flip over to other side.
    How to make onion uttappam - Step1
  2. Press it slightly for the onions to get roasted. Flip over and serve hot.
    How to make onion uttappam - Step2
Serve hot with sambar and chutneys of your choice. Onion Uttapam

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Onion Uttapam Recipe

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