How to make sprouts at home | Homemade Sprouts Recipe

I make sprouts with green moong bean on and off though not on a regular basis. This time I tried with black channa too but it took more time around 2 days for even the small sprouts to appear. I have seen sprouts / mixed bean sprouts at Pazhamuthir but havent reached out anytime as I always doubt on the kind of water they use. So make your own sprouts and eat healthy.
Homemade Sprouts Recipe

How to make sprouts - Ingredients

Serves: 1
PreparationTime: 2-3 days

Green Moong Bean(Pachapayaru) - 1/2 cup
Black Channa - 1/2 cup
You can use any type of bean for sprouting in the same method

Homemade Sprouts Recipe
1.Take the bean you want to make sprouts here I've used green moong bean. Rinse it well twice or thrice. Transfer this to a bowl and soak it in water for atleast 6-7 hrs or preferably overnight. Then next day drain water and transfer to a clean muslin cloth.
Green Moong Bean Sprouts
2.Bring the corners of the muslin cloth to the center, tie a knot and keep aside undisturbed for atleast 8 hrs.You can also keep it in a container/caserole(hotpack) and keep it closed. After 8 hours, if you open you can see the sprouts coming. We usually like the medium sprout not too long ones. 
Homemade Sprouts Recipe - Step1
But if you want more lengthy sprouts, then keep aside for another 3-4 hrs extra. But just open and check then leave it undisturbed dont toss or turn over.
Homemade Sprouts Recipe - Step2
Each bean takes different amount of time for the sprout to be visible. I tried to make sprouts with black channa using the same above method and it took around 2.5 days completely for the sprout to come.

For black channa you need to soak overnight.

You can either make salad with fresh sprouts or make a stir fry with it. You can also use this for any chaats like pani puri , dahi puri etc.

Homemade Sprouts Recipe
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Homemade Sprouts Recipe