Homemade Multigrain Atta | How to make chapati flour

Homemade Multigrain Atta
Every time I see pillsbury multigrain ad,I always wonder how to make multigrain atta at home. And last month gave a try and I was completely satisfied with the results and here goes the recipe... Do check out my how to post on making soft phulkas here.
Homemade Multigrain Atta Recipe

The ingredients listed can be modified according to your preference too.Check my notes for more variations.
Homemade Multigrain Atta Recipe

Homemade Multigrain Atta Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 1 day | Processing Time : 10 mins | Makes : 2.5 kgs
Recipe Category: Homemade Flour | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Whole Wheat(Punjab Gothumai) - 2 kg
Oats - 100 gms
Maize - 100 gms
Ragi - 50 gms
Chana Dal - 100 gms
Soya Bean - 50 gms
Note : If you want cup measures you can have a ratio of 2.5 cups(wheat) : 1 cup(multigrains)
We usually grind punjab whole wheat and samba wheat together in the ratio 2:1 for normal chapathi flour.


  1. Wash all the grains well and let it dry in sunshade for at least for a day till it is completely dry. Then give it for grinding, I gave it to the mill.
    How to make chapati flour - Step1
  2. Allow it to cool for sometime.Sieve it twice and discard the coarse mixture that is retained. while sieving Store in airtight container.
    How to make chapati flour - Step2
Serve hot with a generous serving of ghee, heaven I say :)
Homemade Multigrain Atta

My Notes:

Phulka(Roti) made out of multigrain atta flour
How to make chapati flour

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