Homemade Fresh Cream - How to make fresh cream

Homemade Fresh Cream
Homemade Fresh Cream - Doesn't that sound interesting? Once you get the hang of making homemade cream and butter at home then I am sure you will not go in for store bought ones.But I agree it takes time but the when you see the end product, it is all worth the wait.I have never got cream from shops whenever I make gravies that calls for cream like PB masala,paneer tikka masala , methi matar malai etc.And trust me add few tbsp of fresh for any gravy, it takes the gravy to a whole new level .

I have got amul fresh cream tetra packs twice for making strawberry and mango cheese cakes as homemade cream is not suitable and advisable for desserts like these and yes that's a word of caution I tell in advance :)
Homemade Fresh Cream

Fresh Cream Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 2 hrs + collecting time | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Homemade | Recipe Cuisine: World



  1. Heat milk and boil for sometime say 3-5mins(depends on what type of milk you get).After the milk is boiled, let is sit aside for 30mins or few hours in the fridge so that thick malai gets collected at the top. Carefully take the malai with a spoon and collect it in a clean container else you can use a strainer to take the malai. I usually collect the malai whenever I boil milk so twice a day. The malai quantity depends on the type of milk you get.
    How to make fresh cream - Step1
  2. Keep collecting the malai in the same container and refrigerate it. Keep refrigerated and let it sit for atleast 1 day for your instant cream say if you need just few tbsps.Just whisk it well and Your cream is ready to use. But if you want it in bulk then keep collecting for atleast 10-15 days or till you think you have a fair amount of malai collected.
    How to make fresh cream - Step2
  3. After the container is full you can either make butter out of it else use it as cream as such. Just whisk it well using a hand whisk for few mins until its creamy without any lumps.You can also use a electric whisk to beat it.Your cream is ready for use.
    How to make fresh cream - Step3
So remember to collect your malai everytime you boil milk to make your batch of homemade fresh cream ok?! :)
Homemade Fresh Cream

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Homemade Fresh Cream