Paneer Recipes - Easy Indian Paneer Recipes

Paneer Recipes - Indian Paneer Recipes - Easy Paneer Recipes
Paneer has become a very popular especially among kids...It is a very versatile ingredient that you can cook up  a lot of doshes with....Here you can find a collection of paneer recipes here such as : homemade paneer,paneer butter masala,mutter paneer,chilli paneer,paneer korma,kadai paneer,paneer tikka,paneer tikka masala,paneer pulao,paneer kofta etc.

Preparation Time : 2 + hours | Cooking Time : 1 hour
[NOTE : timing varies for each recipe]
Recipe Category:  Sidedish & Savory Snacks | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
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Paneer Butter MasalaChilli PaneerPaneer TikkaPaneer Tikka Masala
Mutter Paneer MasalaKadai PaneerHomemade PaneerPaneer Pulao
Achari Paneer TikkaPaneer Baby Corn Jalfrezi MalaiKoftaGravy4Paneer Bhurji
Paneer KormaPaneer Tikka PizzaPaneer KheerPaneer Veg Korma
Paneer Bread BallsPaneer Gobi KoftaPaneer SandwichRasgulla
Paneer Gulab JamunPaneer JalfreziChilli Paneer GravyKadai Paneer Gravy
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