How to make frozen peas at home - Homemade Frozen Peas

Homemade Frozen Peas
Green peas is very cheap and in season why not make good use of them?! How does that sound making your own homemade frozen peas?! Yes now lets get on how to make frozen peas at home....I wouldn't have given much thoughts for this post if my sis had not pushed me for it, From last year she had been asking me to do this post and finally I am here with it :) You can make the same method for all other vegetables like carrots beans etc.

Homemade Frozen Peas Recipe

Frozen Peas Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 24 hrs | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Makes : 1/4 kg
Recipe Category: Preserve | Recipe Cuisine: Indian| Recipe Reference: Easycooking

Green Peas - 1/4 kg


  1. Remove the peas from the pod, set aside. Rinse it well once. Boil water in a big pan until bubbles appear vigorously.
    How to make frozen peas at home - Step1
  2. Add the peas and let it all float on the top, it will just take 2mins for that. Immediately switch off and pour cold water to stop the cooking process.
    How to make frozen peas at home - Step2
  3. Let it cool and come to room temperature. Pat dry using a kitchen towel until no moisture is there.Store it in a ziplock bag or a tupperware container and label it with the date.
    How to make frozen peas at home - Step3
  4. Freeze it...After a day or so it will look like this.When required just take the amount of peas you need just thaw it and use it.
    How to make frozen peas at home - Step4
Frozen peas is very handy and cooks very faster as its already precooked.
How to thaw frozen peas:
Take the frozen peas spread it on a plate and make it come to room temperature which is thawing thenrince i once and you can use it for your required recipe.

The below pic is just freezing after 2 days and the other pics are almost more than a week old.
Homemade Frozen Peas

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Homemade Frozen Peas Recipe

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