How to cut Snake Gourd (Pudalangai)

How to cut Snake Gourd
I had many requests for this post so finally had time last week to take stepwise to post it here...Though most of know how to handle this veggie, this post will sure be useful for beginners.


  1. Wash the veggie first.Trim the edges then Scrap the outerskin of the snakegourd , discard them.Then cut each snakegourd into 3 to 4 pieces like tubes as shown.How to cut Snake Gourde - Step1
  2. Then cut them into half vertically as shown below.How to cut Snake Gourde - Step1
  3. Then cut each piece into half vertically.Then scrap off the white portion carefully.Discard the white part.Do this for all the tubes.How to cut Snake Gourd - Step2
  4. Then stack the cut pieces and slice the snakegourd into thin slices.
    How to cut Snake Gourd - Step3
  5. Then chop them finely.....we chop it like this for poriyal / kootu / podimas. If you prefer you can stop with the previous step and proceed with the recipe.How to cut Snake Gourd - Step4
Squeeze out excess water before cooking.

How to cut Snake Gourd Recipe
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