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Paratha Recipes, Roti Recipes - Here is the collection of quick,easy Indian Paratha and Roti Recipes.

Click on each thumbnail for the recipes for aloo paratha,gobi parathamooli paratha,peas paratha recipe, roti recipescarrot peas parathapalak paratha, rajma paratha,cabbage paratha,mixed veg paratha etc.
Preparation Time varies from : 25 mins to 45 mins
[NOTE : timing varies for each recipe]
Recipe Category:  Main| Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Gobi ParathaAloo ParathaMooli ParathaPeas Paratha

Masala Palak ParathaRajma ParathaVegetable ParathaCabbage Paratha

Carrot Peas ParathaMasala ChapathiTriangle ParathaMethi Thepla

PhulkaOats RotiSoya Kheema ParathaBroccoli Paratha

Akki RotiAloo Gobi Paratha Carrot Cheese Paratha

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