Homemade Chapati Flour (Atta Flour) - How to make wheat flour at home

Homemade Wheat Flour Recipe
I always get whole wheat while shopping for our monthly groceries and make my own batch of chapati four. I buy Ashirwad / Annapoorna chapati flour very rarely may be when our homemade chapati flour gets over in the month end.When I posted multigrain atta there were many requests for posting homemade wheat flour(chapati flour) but every time I forget to click the wheat before giving to grind and this time finally clicked the pictures with stepwise and here I am with the post :)
Homemade Wheat Flour Recipe
Homemade chapati flour is anytime better than store bought ones with no preservatives added and even taste,texturewise there is difference.Also you can make your own wheat ratio combination according to your preference.This is ammas samba-punjab wheat ratio as through the days she has tried many combination/variations and finally she found this one to be good so now I am sticking to this one.
Homemade Wheat Flour Recipe

Homemade Chapati Flour Recipe - IngredientsHomemade Atta Flour Recipe

Preparation Time : 24 hrs mins | Processing Time : 20 mins
Recipe Category: Main | Recipe Cuisine: North Indian

Punjab Wheat - 2 kg
Samba Wheat - 1 kg


  1. Get samba and punjab wheat according to the mentioned ratio.Clean it if you have any speck.
    How to make chapati flour at home - Step1
  2. Mix both the wheat and give a quick mix.Rinse it well with water and then allow it to dry in scorching sun so that it dries up fast.It should be completely dry,no moisture should be there.Then transfer to a container and send it to the mill for grinding.While grinding make sure its powdered fine.
    How to make chapati flour at home - Step2
  3. Once you get the atta flour from the mill,first spread it in a plate to cool down.Then sieve it once to remove the scrap(coarse mixture that is retained while sieving).Then transfer the sieved flour to an airtight container.Sieving is optional, please read my notes.
    How to make chapati flour at home - Step3
  4. In a wide bowl add wheat flour salt and required water , mix well and knead it form a soft dough as chapathi dough.Rest the dough for atleast 15-20mins. Now your chapati / phulka dough is ready.Just roll them and make phulkas.How to make atta dough - Step4
Picture showing Punjab Wheat and Samba Wheat
How to make chapati flour at home

How to make chapati flour at home

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How to make chapati flour at home

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