Pressure Cooker Cake (Without eggs & butter) - How to make cake without oven

How to Make Cake in a Pressure Cooker
Often my friends,relatives and readers keep asking me to post a cake recipe without using an oven. As pressure cooker is most commonly used in many households, they wanted to bake a cake using pressure cooker.I didnt give serious thoughts on it until last week when my cousin gave the idea to make a pressure cooker cake for this christmas....I loved the idea too as with unexpected power drop outs, baking a cake has become a rarity these days...So the idea of pressure cooker cake was a great relief to me....There is no better time than this festive season to try this cake....So I browsed around and found this recipe which had no eggs and butter....I tried it yesterday and the cake came out so soft and spongy that it got over yesterday itself.

This is the first time I am using a cooker to bake a cake ,so I  was a bit worried about the outcome of the cake and the damage it might cause to the pressure cooker....but the cake turned up great without causing any damage to the cooker ....Now no more excuses, you can bake soft, fluffy cakes using a cooker too...take my words and try this cake confidently. As there are more pictures I splitted up the post into 2 check out the tutti frutti cake recipe by clicking the link below.

How to Make Cake in a Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Cake

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 3
Inspired from : Edible Garden

Important things to be noted before starting to bake in a pressure cooker:
  1. Remove the gasket from the pressure cooker.
  2. No whistle required to make pressure cooker cake.
  3. Do not add water inside the cooker.
  4. Choose a cooker that is wide enough to hold your cake tin. Your cake tin must fit inside the pressure cooker without touching the cooker directly(on the sides and bottom)
  5. Be very careful while placing the cake tin inside the cooker and while removing it outside after the cake is baked as it will be very hot.
  6. Make sure the cake tin doesn't touch directly on either sides of the cooker.


  1. First choose a pressure cooker that is wide enough to hold your cake tin.Remove the gasket(black rubber) from the lid of your pressure cooker.A stand usually comes with the pressure cooker, I used that stand.How to Make Cake in a Pressure Cooker - Step1
  2. Place the stand inside the cooker as shown below....Close the cooker with a lid with no whistle,dont water water. Keep the flame to medium high for 5mins - this is how we preheat the cooker to set an oven like atmosphere.Then using a pot holder carefully lift the cake pan and place it inside the cooker on the stand without touching the sides of the cooker.
    How to Make Cake in a Pressure Cooker - Step2
  3. Pressure cook without whistle in medium heat for first 5mins then lower the heat to little above sim and cook for 30-35 mins or until a  tooth pick inserted comes out clean.After 30mins switch off and leave the cake in the cooker for 5more mins then open.Carefully remove the cake pan from the cooker and place it on a wet cloth for 5mins.Then invert the cake tin to dmould the cake easily.
    How to Make Cake in a Pressure Cooker - Step3

Pressure Cooker Cake(Without eggs & butter)

My Notes:

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