Idli Podi Recipe - Idli Milagai Podi - Homemade Chutney Powder for Idli Dosa

Idli Milagai Podi Recipe
During school days, my friend Pavithra used to bring idli milagai podi as a sidedish to go with idli / dosa, I used to love her podi. Those days not being a big time idli lover I still loved to eat idli just for the sake of her podi.When I met her last time, I insisted to get the recipe from her mother and she agreed too....she promptly sent the recipe through mail......I just made minor changes to the orginal recipe according to our preference and and here goes the recipe.

I have already posted basic version of Idli Milagai Podi and MTR stlye idli podi so this one is another variation that you can try when you are bored of the same recipe....Yes thats what I do.Mittu loves homemade podi and this is her recent favorite and hubby can live with podi so I dont leave the podi jar to empty. Amma makes idli podi using black urad dal with skin , I will sure post that version too....But nowadays she likes my podi that she insists me to make the same.... :))
Idli Milagai Podi Recipe  

Idli Milagai Podi Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 25 mins | Makes : 1 cup
Recipe Category: Sidedish | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Urad Dal - 1/2 cup
Chana Dal - 1/2 cup
Dried Red Chillies - 1/2 cup loosely packed
Curry Leaves - 1/8 cup tightly packed
Hing - 3/4 tsp
Sesame Seeds - 1/8 cup
Garlic - 3 big cloves
Pepper - 1 tsp
Jaggery - 1.5 tbsp(optional)
Oil - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste


  1. Add a tsp of oil - Dry roast the dals together till slightly browned then add red chillies and roast till red chillies turn crip and dals turn golden brown,Finally add hing and Set aside.Then dry roast sesame seeds, let it splutter then set aside.Now dry roast curry leaves until crisp, Set aside.How to make idli milagai podi - Step1
  2. Then dry roast pepper and garlic each separatelyTransfer the roasted ingredients to a wide bowl and let it cool down.How to make idli milagai podi - Step2
  3. Add required salt and grind the roasted ingredients to a coarse mixture.Then finally add jaggery and grind it to a semi fine mixture, little coarse.Cool down then transfer to an airtight container.How to make idli milagai podi - Step3
Smear gingelly oil / coconut oil / ghee with podi and serve it with soft idlis.
Idli Podi Recipe

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Idli Milagai Podi Recipe

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