Celebrating 5yrs of Sharmis Passions!

Thank you for the overwhelming response...I received about 100 mails and each one of them unique in its own way - I loved reading each one of them and few were so touching that it even brought tears in my eyes yes tears of joy...A Biiiiiig thanks for taking time to stop by and appreciate the work I do....that will sure keep me going!!

Though I couldnt reply to them individually right now, I will surely take time and reply to them.
Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner as I had been tied up with back to back commitments both on blogging and personal front.

Now let me tell you how I selected the winners or I should say we selected :) I took almost 20 days to go through 100 mails as I wanted to take time reading each mail.
I then selected 30 mails out of them and passed it on to hubby to select the final 2 winners but finally we decided that we should go on with 3 winners and with no further delays let me announce the winners :

I - Sharanya (csl.sharanya@gmail.com) - Borosil Gourmet Cook & Serve
II - Priya Nicholas (priyanic7@gmail.com) - Borosil Gourmet Cook & Store
II - Farida (faridaalihussain96@gmail.com) - Borosil Gourmet Cook& Store
Yes this is the gourmetware which I have used for cooking in many posts....You can buy them online in borosil website.

I am sure you must have seen them in my stepwise pictures the glassware I used in my garlic rasam,pepper rasam and many other posts too.....It can be used both in oven and stovetop.I personally love them and had been enquired by many readers so selected it for the giveway.

Congrats to the winners! Please send me your postal mail address to my mail id : sharmispassions@gmail.com so that I can send in your gifts :)

Happy Birthday to my little space!!
Celebrating 5yrs of Sharmis Passions!
Cant believe myself its been 5 yrs since I entered this world of blogging....It is sure a fun and roller coaster ride right from day1. Apart from being just a blog,it has changed my life sure in a better way. It has given me an identity too.This space has become a integral part of me these days and you know that already right?!

How did it all begin ?! : Back in 2009 when I had mittu in me :) I was looking for some respite from my day IT job and thats when food blogging was introduced to me.Blogging was not new to me as I already had a personal blog named 'My Scribblings'(a private one) ......Once when I was searching for a recipe and that lead me to world of food blogging and I loved the idea too...Cooking, clicking and sharing recipes online....I went crazy browsing and exploring many new blogs each day. The blogging custom of exchanging comments earned me many friends all over the world....few became very close too that we share our regular updates though chats online / phone.

There were days when I used to shop for ingredients on my way back home from office to try new recipes and click them....At that time I wasn't even aware that food photographs should be clicked only in daylight....
Slowly I started learning through fellow bloggers and many online tutorials. When I was back to office after my maternity leave, my blog had a new look(a theme change) and few drafted posts too.After I joined back work, life wasnt easy at all to get my passion get going....clicking on weekends was the only option for me though I did few clicks in the weekday mornings.

I moved sharmispassions to my own domain in 2010....It took almost 2 weeks for me to get convinced to go ahead with this name for .com....I was with around 20 names to shortlist....but then finally I felt this name was my identity in this blog world and wanted it to remain the same on any means...so went ahead with it.

Life was going busy thats when hubby got a offer in Coimbatore and that was one of my dreams come true to get settled in my hometown.When we shifted to CBE in Sep 2010, I took almost a yr from my IT job break to settle the new house and I utilised that time to the fullest in shaping up sharmispassions. Hubby got me a DSLR in 2011.How can I forget to mention about the many props I have bought and still buying all these yrs....the wardrobe has already started overflowing....I go crazy when I see props and I pick them from where ever I go....I have a little story associated with each prop of mine.. :) All thanks to my family for patiently waiting till I shop for props even when we are holidaying :)

I took up my new job in 2011 in an IT firm here and worked for a yr....When mittu was ready for schooling, she demanded me by her side and that's when I had to take the decision, a decision which was really tough.
I am sure when I turn back over the years, I would be happy for the decision I've made. Yes I quit my job permanently in 2012 and decided to be a fulltime mother and to run behind my passions.Even when the opportunities were more, when it comes to my lil one, she overrules everything and her happiness is more precious than anything else...... as to any mother :) Now thats the only weapon I have to threaten mittu whenever she is out of control.....When I say I will join back office, she will go wild.

I also took up the Project 365 challenge for the year 2012 and successfully completed it

Now its been 2 yrs since I left my job and I am happy with what I do now as I dont get tired or bored or not even stressed as the job I have taken for myself now is the one I love the most.....Cooking and Clicking!!

When people and friends say I feel hungry when I see your pics...and that makes my day! :)
You can check out the media mentions page where me and this little space has been featured into..
Thank you so much for all the warm support you all have given me, the generous comments and appreciations through mails and FB messages about my cooking and photography that motivates and encourages me so much!
Thank You!!
Now finally to the giveaway part : Announcing my first giveaway for this year 2014!
A surprise gift to 2 readers.......So what you have to do to win the giveaway?!
Mail me here at : sharmispassions@gmail.com
1.A reason why you like Sharmis Passions and
2.A suggestion you would love to see in this space...
Thats all!
You can write stories(yes I love to read them) or just 2 points in crisp....its your choice
Results will be announced in April 1 week.

Through these 5 yrs....I have had happy,tough,exciting,fun and fearing times....taking all these as experiences my journey continues.....with the same joy, happiness, excitement and thrill which I had on day1 of starting this space. Stepping into the 6th year with all your support , encouragement and wishes!

OMG....I always have great struggle writing the 4 line intro for each post and here I am with such a long story....Blogging has sure brought many changes in me! :)

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