Homemade Paneer Soda Recipe - Easy Summer Drinks

Homemade Paneer Soda Recipe
Paneer Soda?! Now how will you make it without paneer asked mittu.....and thats going to be the question from many of you...Now let me tell you that paneer soda is mildly sweet rose flavoured soda drink. I have had this drink back in school days in my native Karaikudi...paneer soda and bovonta are few among the drinks I look forward and relish everytime we visit there during my school holidays.I happenned to see this recipe in a cookbook and I tried it today, while drinking it I was transferred to my childhood days :) This is very easy to make just few ingredients and you could easily make this, best summer drink!

Homemade Paneer Soda Recipe

Paneer Soda Recipe

Preparation Time:10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Makes:1/2 cup paneer soda syrup
Recipe Category: Drink | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Water - 1 and 1/4 cups
Sugar - 3/4 cup
Rose Essence - 1/8 tsp
Plain Soda - as required for serving
Icecubes - few


  1. Dissolve sugar in water.Then heat it up for 10 mins, when you touch and see it will start to turn slightly sticky, no need to check for any other consistency.At this stage switch off and cool down.Then strain to remove impurities in sugar(if any).How to make paneer soda - Step1
  2. Once its completely cooled down, add rose essence and mix well. Transfer to jar and refrigerate it.How to make paneer soda - Step2
  3. While serving take a glass fill it up few icecubes,then add 2 tbsp sugar syrup and add 1 cup of chilled soda water.
    How to make paneer soda - Step3
Serve chilled!
Homemade Paneer Soda Recipe

Enjoy your homemade paneer soda...yumm and refreshing!!
Homemade Paneer Soda Recipe

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Homemade Paneer Soda Recipe