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Kambu Koozh Recipe

Summer has started and I am already seeing kambu koozh stalls in the streets. In the street stalls, kambu koozh is usually stored in large mud pots which are natural coolants. Certain foods are best consumed in summer to cool the body and keep it refreshng and this kambu koozh is one among them.

I bought and stored kambu some 4months back.I had few kambu/bajra/pearl millet) recipes in mind but somehow cooking with the millet kept delaying that the pack was kept untouched.Finally a day came or I should say the vazha ilai plate motivated me and I made kambu koozh last month and clicked it....and after that its been regular for breakfast and we just love it...its so refreshing! When hubby said that most of all the sidedishes were the same in the street shops too as the ones I have presented for clicking, I was overjoyed....yay!! so I have done justice right?!!! Check for neeragaram which I posted last summer.

The traditional way of cooking kambu is to cook it in thick bottomed vessel but we need to baby sit for it and also its very time consuming...now who has the time and energy to do that?! atleast that is not for me...So I took the shortcut of cooking kambu in pressure cooker as my neighbor suggested.

I love it with milaga vathal and hubby loves it with raw onion.Though I don't make all the sidedishes shown in the pic, I wanted to show the accompainments for kambu koozh so clicked with all these and ofcourse enjoyed them too :). 
Kambu Koozh Recipe
Kambu is rich is fiber and makes a complete meal...so you can make the spread for lunch skipping rice.Kambu is believed to generate heat so the buttermilk compensates for it making it the best body coolant for summer.

Kambu Koozh Recipe

Kambu Koozh Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Main | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Pearl Millet (Kambu) - 1 cup (I used broken kambu)
Water - 3.5 cups
Thin Buttermilk - 2 cups
Salt - to taste

For sidedishes:

Raw Onion, Green chillies
Molaga Vathal

Note: If you have whole kambu,then sprinkle little water over it and leave it for 15mins then grind it in a mixer to make it coarse...just 2-3 pulse is enough


  1. I used broken kambu so used it as such.Rinse the kambu well and transfer to pressure cooker and add water and pressure cook in low medium flame for 3-4 whistles.
    How to make kambu koozh - Step1
  2. Once pressure releases, open and switch on the flame.Keep stirring till it becomes thick enough to roll into a ball.Let it cool down for few mins, then roll them into balls as shown.How to make kambu koozh - Step2
  3. Place the kambu balls in a bowl containing water till immersing level.Let it rest for an hr(you can leave it overnight in the fridge too), you can refrigerate it.Then mix it well.I used my whisk for this.
    How to make kambu koozh - Step3
  4. Mix well without any lumps, then finally add buttermilk,required salt and give a quick stir.How to make kambu koozh - Step5
Serve with raw onion or vadams or pickle of your choice.
Kambu Koozh Recipe

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Kambu Koozh Recipe

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