Nannari Sarbath Recipe - Homemade Nannari Syrup Recipe

Nannari Sarbath Recipe
Nannari Sarbath(Nannari Sharbath) is one of the refreshing drinks we relish every summer.I remember the nannari syrup bottles lined up in stores, the bright and vibrant colors always fasinated me :) The herb Sarsaparilla, better known as Nannari in Tamil or Naruneendi in Malayalam is a wonder herb from nature which cools down the body heat so its best to have it in summers.I have seen these nannari syrup bottles in many stores especially during summer but I wanted to try making it from the scratch as amma was insisting me to try it  since last summer as she had the recipe in her cookbook.

Hubby bought nannari roots from Naatu Marunthu Kadai(Country Drug Stores) and last week I made the nannari syrup / concentrate.It is a bit time consuming process but worth it as I am satisfied completely with the taste, it is just like the ones we taste at shops or should say its even more better minus the artificial flavours and colors which we get in store bought syrups.We are enjoying the homemade nannari sarabath, I am yet to make another batch of syrup on demand and need as the one I made is almost over already :)
Nannari Sarbath Recipe

Nannari Sarbath Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 8 hrs | Cooking Time : 20 mins / toast | Serves : 2
Recipe Category: Main | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

For Nannari Syrup

Nannari Root - 50 gms(1/2 cup)
Sugar - 250 gms (1 cup)
Water - 2 and 1/2 cups
Lemon Juice - 2 tsp

For Nannari Sarbath

Water - 1 cup
Nannari Syrup - 3 to 4 tbsp
Lemon Juice - from half


  1. Measure 50gms of nannari root.Wash the roots 2 to 3 times by rubbing it in water well until the clay comes out of the root.Dry it for a while until there is no moisture.Using a mortar and pestle crush the roots once or twice so that the root loosens up and breaks into two to three pieces.Remove the white part alone and collect the brown part in a bowl.
    How to make nannari sarbath - Step1
  2. Discard all the white part and collect the brown part in a mixer and pulse it once or twice just to break the pieces further.Set aside.
    How to make nannari sarbath - Step2
  3. Boil water until bubbles starts appearing.Swicth off and add the nannari roots.Close it tightly with a lid and Let the roots stand in water for for 5-6hrs or overnight undisturbed.
    How to make nannari sarbath - Step3
  4. After the mentioned time, strain in a muslin cloth which is double folded - this is ensure even the fine particles are strained.Now add sugar.How to make nannari sarbath - Step4
  5. Mix well until it dissolves.Now heat up the syrup and let it boil until it reaches a fine string of single thread consistency.Switch it off.How to make nannari sarbath - Step5
  6. The consistency will look more like honey.Cool down completely and add lemon juice.Transfer to a clean container and refrigerate it.Now for preparing nannari sarbath take a serving glass add 3 tbsp of the glass with nannari syrup.How to make nannari sarbath - Step6
  7. Add ice cubes, then 1 cup of water...then squeeze lemon juice,discarding the seeds.Give a quick stir and serve chilled.How to make nannari sarbath - Step7
Serve chilled!
This is how they serve in shops with crushed ice...I tried that too ...yummm!
How to make nannari sarbath

Homemade Nannari Syrup Recipe

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Nannari Sarbath Recipe

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