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Killu Vadam
Killu Vadam is nothing but a easy vadam recipe made with leftover rice. We pinch(killu) small portions of the leftover rice dough and make vadams hence the name. We dont make vathals every year but only occasionally, I love all vadams esp killu vadamkoozh vadam and javvarisi vathal(sago vadam)...I actually wanted to try javvarisi vadam but ended up making this easy messfree vadam.....Amma usually makes it plain with jeera but I made it onion flavoured.I never ever thought or imagined myself laying vadams all by myself and here goes the vadam recipe from my kitchen :)

During school days, I remember when amma and me would go to the terrace early morning to lay vadams and we had a netted box like to cover and protect the vadams from the crows :) Now I just had to utilise the balcony sunlight to dry up the vadams.I am happy and completely satisfied about the outcome but sad that I made a very small batch it got over already, have just reserved 4-5 fried vadams for my travel post :)
Killu Vathal Recipe

Killu Vadam Recipe

Preparation Time:1 or 2 days | Cooking Time : 5 mins | Serves:2
Recipe Category: Starter | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Cooked Leftover Rice - 2 cups(made with boiled rice)
Jeera - 1 tsp
Water - as needed to immerse rice
Salt - to taste

To Temper:

Green Chillies - 2
Small Onion - 15 to 20


  1. Grind green chillies and small onion to a coarse paste.Set aside.Soak leftover rice in water overnight itself.Rice should be immersed fully.
    How to make killu vadam - Step1
  2. Drain water and trasnfer rice to a mixer and grind it to a coarse paste(Sprinkle little water if its too dry).Now in a mixing bowl add rice paste,chili onion paste, jeera and required salt.
    How to make killu vadam - Step2
  3. Mix it well with your hands.Now pinch small portions of the dough and place in a wide plate.Do this till the entire dough is over.You can even spread a white cloth and place the pinched portions.
    How to make killu vadam - Step3
  4. Dry it in sun till there is no moisture, turn over in middle.After noon you can store in a clean container and keep it.Then next day morning again dry , repeat this process till its crispy and slightly browned.
    How to make killu vadam - Step4
  5. Once dried completely, store in a clean container and use it as and when needed. Heat oil in a kadai / tadka pan and fry them till deep golden brown.
    How to make killu vadam - Step5
Serve it with any variety rice of your choice or have it as such :)
Killu Vadam

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Killu Vathal Recipe

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