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Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe

Vazhaipoo vadai is my favourite or let me put it this way, I love anything made with vazhaipoo. Amma makes vazhaipoo vadai in a different way which I have posted earlier but I wanted to try it like our masala vada. I had vada paruppu which my friend gave me so I tried the vadai last month with it and it turned out super crispy and yummy.

I usually make vazhaipoo poriyal but make vazhaipoo vadai occasionally.If you are trying to introduce the veggie to kids then you can try this vadai am sure they will love it as its crispy.Mittu likes ammas version more as its smooth inside and its easy to bite and eat, Oh yeah I have a lazy little one you see :)

Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe 

Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe - Ingredients

Preparation Time : 2 hrs | Cooking Time : 25 mins | Makes : 12
Recipe Category: Snack | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Vazhaipoo(Banana Flower)  Cleaned- 1 and 1/2 cups chopped
Channa dal - 3/4 cup
Onion - 1/3 cup finely chopped
Fennel Seeds powder - 1 tsp
Rice Flour - 1 tbsp
Dry Red Chillies - 2
Curry Leaves - 1 tbsp torn
Coriander leaves - 1 tbsp chopped finely
Salt - to taste


  1. Clean vazhaipoo and chop it fine.Soak chana dal in water till immersing level for 1 hour atleast.While you do other works, keep chopped vazhaipoo immersed in water + a tbsp of buttermilk just to avoid borwning.
    How to make vazhaipoo vadai - Step1
  2. Drain water, Then add chana dal and redchillies in a mixer and grind it coarsely.Drain water completely, just squeeze and remove excess water from vazhaipoo and just give a quick grind for vazhaipoo(just one or two pulse) and add it together in a mixing bowl.How to make vazhaipoo vadai - Step2
  3. In a mixing bowl : add vazhaipoo,chana dal, onion,curry leaves,fennel seeds powder,rice flour and required salt.Mix well to form a dough consistency.Shape them into medium sized patties/vadas.How to make maa vathal - Step3
  4. While you shape the vadas, heat the oil. Put a small pinch of dough into the oil if it raises immediately then the oil temperature is just perfect.Drop the vadais (may be 2-3 at a  time) in oil and flip both the sides and cook till nicely browned and its crisp.fry the vadais in medium flame.Drain in tissue paper.How to make vazhaipoo vadai - Step4
Serve hot with coffee / tea!
Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe

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Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe