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Falooda Popsicle Recipe
Falooda Popsicle -  Yes!!  I wanted to try falooda popsicle and I was really not sure whether it will click or not as there were no specific recipes for it online, so it was just my own experiment of putting all the falooda ingredients together in popsicle mould and freeze it.The only thing that I doubted was whether it would demould easily as all the ingredients had different texture, as when I said this idea to few of my friends they suggested to better freeze each layer for sometime before adding the next layer....come on who has time and energy to do that atleast I am not that patient person with mittu around.

I made one popsicle alone with the popsicle mould lid just for mittus sake as she loves it that way.I was really surprised to see her enjoying the falooda popsicle.Oh yeah I am putting my popsicle moulds to full use and I am loving the feel of demoulding each popsicle every single time....Its a wow factor for me , its me who gets excited more than mittu when I see the popsicle out clean :)

Falooda Popsicle Recipe
I have fond memories when it comes to Falooda.....the first time I tasted falooda was during my 8th standard in an icecream shop named Richy Rich at RS Puram,CBE.It was 30 rs per glass and that was quite expensive during that period of time and falooda was luxury in a glass. Falooda was served in a tall glass with a spoon the glass looked so colorful and beautiful with different layers and icecream and cherry on top...yumm.
The first time when my uncle insisted me to taste it, I first digged inside to check if there are any fruits....yes I cant tolerate any fruits in my icecreams during my childhoos days and the habit hasn't changed a bit even now.I like few fruits in my desserts but with icecream its a big time no for me.

When I made custard powder icecream to post here, I also planned to make use of the icecream either for falooda or for jigarthanda but the icecream was so yummy that it got over in no time so the thought of making falooda popsicle popped up and we loved it.

Falooda Popsicle Recipe

Falooda Popsicle Recipe

Preparation Time:15 mins | Freezing Time : 8 hrs | Makes:4 popsicles
Recipe Category: Dessert | Recipe Cuisine: World

Boiled Milk - 1 and 1/2 cups
Sugar - 3 tbsp
Rosemilk Essence - 1 tsp
Sabja seeds(soaked) - 2 tbsp
Jelly - 1/4 cup
Vermicelli(cooked) - 1/4 cup


  1. Make jelly as per the instructions in the pack or you can use 1 gm china grass and fruit essence with food color to make jelly as I did.Add sugar while mixing,Then add rose milk essence and sugar to milk and mix well.
    How to make falooda popsicle - Step1
  2. Get ready with your ingredients.Crush the jelly with  spoon and make it ready.Now take your popsicle mould - First add jelly, then add a spoon of soaked sabja seeds.
    How to make falooda popsicle - Step2
  3. Then add a spoon of semiya.Finally add rose milk till it reaches the rim of the popsicle mould.Give a quick stir with a spoon.
    How to make falooda popsicle - Step3
  4. Cling wrap it with aluminum foil,Carefully prick with a knife then insert icecream sticks.Alternately you can even close it with your popsicle mould lid itself.I made one with the popsicle lid just for mittus sake.Freeze it for atleast 8 hrs or even overnight.Then take it out and carefully show the outer surface under tap running water.Carefully pull out the popsicles.
    How to make falooda popsicle - Step4
  5. Serve immediately.
Falooda Popsicle Recipe

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Falooda Popsicle Recipe

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