Rice, Dal and Kadai Paneer - Kids Lunch Box Recipe 16

Rice, Dal and Kadai Paneer
Kadai Paneer is my most favourite paneer recipe, yes I love it more than any other paneer dish even better than PB masala and I am happy to be back with kids lunchbox series with my fav menu....Most of the time I make PB masala as mittu loves it and thats her most fav paneer dish so kadai paneer always takes a back seat.Even when we dine out at restaurants, we order  PB masala for mittus sake.I also make kadai paneer very rarely and this time I made it specifically to post here and also to enjoy it myself :), hubby loves anything with paneer so it was a great meal for him too.Mittu picked up the paneer pieces with phulka, thank god with no complaints she had her lunch.

This is a great lunch idea for kids with rice, dal and kadai paneer.I have just given the idea if your kids prefer mixing dal with rice and packing then go ahead else pack them separate as few kids will like it that way.I prefer packing them seperate as dal when mixed with rice will become very dry, may be you can add little rasam to keep the rice moist till lunch time.You can even pack a small cup of curd to finish the meal.This lunch box will be good to go even for office goers.

This lunch box can be easily prepared...by the time you finish rice and dal your kadai paneer will be done.Kadai Paneer will require preplanning and preperations, check my notes section.

Note : I use Plastic lunchboxes just for pic sake as its colorful, but I am planning to pack for mittu only in stainless steel containers as I feel its more safe.
Rice, Dal and Kadai Paneer

Kids Lunch Box Idea16 - Rice, Dal and Kadai Paneer

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 30 mins
Recipe Category: Lunch | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

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Here is the lunch box menu for today:

Dal (Dal Tadka / Dal Fry)
Kadai Paneer

My Notes:

Rice, Dal and Kadai Paneer

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