Sweet Basil Seeds Lemonade - Sabja Seeds Recipes

Sweet Basil Seeds Lemonade Recipe

Sweet Basil Seeds Lemonade is a great refreshing drink for summer. I love eating the crunchy texture of sabja seeds so planned to make lemonade with it as sabja seeds are perfect for lemonade.Sabja seeds are popularly called as "falooda seeds". Check out lemonade recipe with homemade lemonade syrup.

These seeds naturally have a cooling effect so can be used in
1.Any sarbath recipes
4.Rooh afza sherbet
5.Icecream etc
 or just add it in drinking water and consume it.

Sweet Basil Seeds Lemonade Recipe

Sweet Basil Seeds Lemonade Recipe

Preparation Time:10 mins | Cooking Time : 5mins | Serves:2
Recipe Category: Drink | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

Lemon Juice - 2 lemon small sized
Water - 3 cups + as required for soaking basil seeds
Sugar - 3 tsp
Basil seeds - 1 tbsp
Salt - a tiny pinch (optional)


  1. Pick up and remove any husks or stones from the sabja seeds if any.Then take sabja seeds in a wide bowl. Add water.Soon it will start absorbing and growing in size.While pouring the water itself it  starts to grow.After pouring water , let it aside for 10mins.I soaked more quantity than the above mentioned amount.
    How to make sabja seeds lemonade - Step1
  2. Can you see?! it is growing in size, the seeds will all become transparent jelly like coating will be formed.
    How to make sabja seeds lemonade  - Step2
  3. Add sugar to water.Squeeze lemon juice.Mix well.Now our lemonade is ready.Add salt.How to make lemon sorbet - Step3
  4. In a serving glass add soaked basil seeds then pour lemonade. Top it up with more basil seeds.
    How to make sabja seeds lemoande - Step4
  5. Serve Chilled with ice cubes!
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