Rajma Paratha , Green Peas Masala - Kids Lunch Box Idea 18

Rajma Paratha, Green Peas Masala
Rajma Paratha is a filling and healthy paratha recipe and is great to pack for lunchbox.Sidedish for stuffed paratha can be a simple raita as the paratha itself is good to eat on its own but still mittu loves the combo so thought to post this menu.I usually makes paratha the usual size and then cut it into 4 small traingles to pack it like I have did for Aloo Paratha lunchbox as its easy for the kids to eat.Last week I made mini paneer paratha for lunchbox and mittu loved it and the lunchbox was wiped clean so I am posting this idea of making mini stuffed paratha for packing.

Nowadays its become a routine to make stuffed paratha for mittus lunchbox...her favs are aloo paratha and paneer paratha. But I try to sneak in all other veggies that she doesnt touch and stuff them and the first question I ask once she is back from school is Did you finish your lunchbox? :) She is not used to eating rice on her own so so far its only rasam rice or any white pulao when it comes to rice for packing. Attimes when rice is packed for lunch, and sometimes she brings back half of the lunchbox untouched justifying that she had no time....god only knows what she does the entire lunch break.It is sure challenging to plan a lunchbox menu for a fussy eater and nothing to par with the happiness seeing the empty lunch box :)

I know many of you kept asking about mittus birthday update...She had a lovely birthday and thank you so much for all the wishes. I made hot milk sponge cake with chocolate frosting to cut at home in the morning before she started school and she loved the cake.Then for evening party we had ordered a cake from a bakery and it was strawberry cake as demanded by her :) She was so excited to see everything in chotta bheem yes both the cakes had chotta bheem in it.And her mama had gifted chotta bheem gift pouch which had toothpaste, a ball , a keychain,school bag, lunchbox, waterbottle, pencils, pencil box and what not everything in chotta bheem(Guess I haven't missed any) and she was so happy seeing them.He had ordered everything online from different websites and had wrapped it together to a cute gift parcel....very thoughtful gift(s) indeed.Yes the chotta bheem lunchbox and water bottle in the pics are the ones I am telling about :)

What you see in the pics : Rajma Paratha, Green Peas Masala, Sliced Raw Carrots, Curd, Dry Fruits and Nuts for Snackbox.

Note : I use Plastic lunchboxes just for pic sake as its colorful, but I am planning to pack for mittu only in stainless steel containers as I feel its more safe.

Rajma Paratha, Green Peas Masala

Kids Lunch Box Recipe Idea18 - Rajma Paratha, Peas Masala

Preparation Time : 8 hrs | Cooking Time : 1 hr
Recipe Category: Travel Food | Recipe Cuisine: Indian

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Here is the kids lunchbox menu 18:

Rajma Paratha
Green Peas Masala

Rajma Paratha, Green Peas Masala

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Rajma Paratha, Green Peas Masala

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