Methi Thepla / Methi Chapathi - Kids Lunchbox Idea 23

Methi Thepla Lunchbox
Methi Thepla is a popular Gujarati flat bread or paratha recipe. Methi Thepla is great for packing and thats the reason I included it in my travel food series too.And I wanted to include methi thepla even in lunchbox series as its healthy and packed with flavours that I thought we need to include it for our kids.Kids who are not fond of greens will sure have this without complaints as the spices and curd suppresses the greens flavour.

I love Methi Thepla with mango pickle the best, but since for kids that will not be suitable you can include sweet mango pickle or tomato sauce to pair it up with.Methi greens is not often found at the usual veggie shop we go so hubby went in search of it and finally found fresh methi greens in a local vegetable market and I made methi thepla and we enjoyed the meal and I enjoyed clicking it too :)

Note : I am using plastic lunchboxes just for pic sake as its colorful. I use stainless steel containers for mittu as I feel its more safe.This is the lunchbox I use for her right now :)
Methi Thepla Lunchbox

Kids Lunch Box Recipe Idea23 - Methi Thepla

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 10 mins
Recipe Category: LunchBox | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

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Here is the kids lunchbox menu 23:

Methi Thepla
Curd / Raita
Sweet Mango Pickle

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Methi Thepla Lunchbox