How to clean prawns / How to devein prawns

Cleaning prawns is a little time consuming process but its a must to remove the vein.The process of removing vein from prawns is called deveining....oh that sounds more like a definition right?! ;) I have been wanting to post this since long but me and nonveg always dont share a great bonding as you all know and hence the delay.I asked my mother to clean it and I clicked it :) Now let us check how to devein and clean prawns....hope beginners find it useful.

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How to devein and clean prawns
Method :
  1. Take prawns in a bowl.I got it shell removed if you have shells then first take it out and then proceed.Take a prawn turn to the back side, you can see a vein black in color sometimes it looks grey or even greyish white.How to devein and clean prawns Step1
  2. Use a small sharp knife to make a slit along the middle of the back.Pull out the vein and discard it.
    How to devein and clean prawns Step2
  3. You can see all the vains here.Now the prawn is deveined and is ready.Rinse it with water 2-3 times.
    How to devein and clean prawns Step3
  4. Add little turmeric powder and wash it once.Now cleaned prawns is ready to cook.How to clean and cut mushrooms Step4
How to devein and clean prawns My Notes:
How to devein and clean prawns
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