Kids Breakfast Idea2 - Vegetable Aval Upma & Dates Smoothie

Vegetable Aval Upma & Dates Smoothie
Thank you so much for the response for this kids breakfast series, there is nothing other than your mails and comments which motivates me so keep urs pouring okay?! :) When I was thinking of what to post next in the series I saw this butterfly bowl which my best friend Sowmya gave(I am sure regular readers will know her well)....Though she doesn't catch up with the regular updates here in this space she makes it a point to check every now and then to give me feedback...And she always wishes to buy props for me and keep asking me about the type of prop I want from Chennai....I usually select my props only after seeing and feeling it ;) so always hold back when she asks me....Some few months back when I met her, she gave me this bowl and said...I am not sure if its upto ur liking but anyways use it for mittu.....I said this is going to be in my evercherished props....I totally forgot about the bowl and last week when I saw it, my next kids breakfast menu was planned....Yes sometimes props decides my photoshoot menu you see.

She was overjoyed when she saw the this pic though watsapp....When I told her how much I felt happy and content while clicking these pics just for the bowl sake....she smiled but I know she was happy too.Though this sounds silly these are little sentiments that gets me going. I have never regretted for not having siblings as I always had my friends around me when I needed them.....Sowmya this is for you !!

Haaaa let me stop with this yada yada and get on to work.....

Now lets get on to today's menu : Vegetable Aval Upma and Dates Smoothie. I am trying all ways to make mittu drink milk as such or in the form of milkshakes and smoothie replacing the store bought energy drink powder.I cannot say I succeeded, but I am trying.....

Vegetable Aval Upma & Dates Smoothie

Kids Breakfast Recipes Idea2 - Vegetable Aval Upma & Dates Smoothie

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 40 mins
Recipe Category: Breakfast | Recipe Cuisine: North Indian

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Here is the kids breakfast menu 2:

Vegetable Aval Upma
Dates Cornflakes Smoothie

My Notes:

Vegetable Aval Upma & Dates Smoothie